If Clinton Quit At Just The Right Time, Could Obama Force A Third, Endless Term


There’s been quite a bit of discussion over the past few weeks about the bizarre behavior of Hillary Clinton. The talk of her early departure has intensified along with her coughing fits and absences from the campaign trail. She’s clearly not well and her history of brain injuries have prompted speculation that she may not last or be up to the rigors of either the campaign or the presidency. A common opinion among many is she is exhibiting symptoms and behavior associated with Parkinson’s Disease. The developments of Sunday have made the possibility of her departure seem more certain.

Some have been concerned that if Clinton were indeed seriously ill and unable to continue, that Hussein Obama might decide he’s just going to keep his current job as dictator of the US. Nobody’s stopped any of his other illegal acts to this point, why would Congress suddenly develop actionable levels of testosterone and decide to honor their obligations under the Constitution.

There are fears that our self-appointed dictator would manipulate a false-flag excuse of some sort to set the elections aside if it looked, as it now is beginning to appear, like his appointed successor was unable to finish the deal. Perhaps a declaration of election tampering, an action by an enemy such as North Korea or a massive terror attack utilizing his imported jihadis would provide a pretext. The possibilities are endless.

The argument would be that the extreme civil unrest “demanded” he institute Martial Law, which is quite easy to do with the creation of Homeland Security and not at all out of character for his anti-American henchman, Secretary Jeh Johnson. FEMA is under DHS too, so it would be a piece of cake for Jihadi Jeh.

Obama is unpredictable but it is somewhat reassuring to know that the mechanisms are in place for a peaceful and orderly response to a situation in which Hillary Clinton is forced out of the race. As depressing and ruinous as the prospect of a parasitic Democrat in the White House for another four years would be, we can at least take comfort in knowing that there is a system in place to address the transfer of power question. Or can we?

According to LawNewz, “the Democratic National Committee has rules in place to handle the Clinton situation. Article 2, Section 7 of the DNC Bylaws says that if there is a vacancy on the national ticket, a special meeting of the Committee ‘shall be held on the call of the Chairperson,’ where they would choose a new candidate. Such meetings make decisions based on a majority of those in attendance.”

They address another possibility, that of her making it to the election and the nightmare scenario of her actually winning and then withdrawing prior to being sworn in. In that instance, they say, “if a candidate withdraws after the general election, but before the electoral college meets, federal law says that electors can vote for whomever they want, although states can pass their own laws on the matter.”

A third prospect would be a victory by Clinton, who then becomes incapacitated prior to the inauguration. In that instance, Section 3 of the 20th Amendment kicks in, according to the Office of the Federal Register. The 20th Amendment says that in such a scenario, the Vice President-elect would become President.

So the first point is simply the DNC selecting a candidate, with all applicable laws and the Constitution being in effect. The third case is just an early exercise of what would be a normal transition under our system. Those may offer little opportunity for Obama to continue to squat in our dingier-by-the-day White House. The second situation could be an opportunity for Obama mischief and to showcase more of his inherent fondness for violating the infidel’s Constitution.

Obama would need to persuade Clinton to remain both alive and in the race until after the election. If the Democrats were able, by hook or by crook, to manufacture a win, Clinton would then withdraw. The staunchly partisan Democrat electors would be commanded to ignore the 22nd Amendment and vote for Hussein Obama. By doing so, they would create a situation in which a sitting ‘president,’ now re-elected and supported by a complicit media, would have to be thrown out of office by a gutless and feckless Congress that has shown for eight years they lack the stomach for a fight over his constitutional ability to hold the office.

They might put the decision into the hands of the liberal judiciary, such as the now evenly divided Supreme Court, with plans already in place for manipulating the judicial path and outcome. Perhaps this eventuality had some connection to the suspicious and untimely departure of Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice Scalia. It would be a decision between honoring the Constitution or the supposed vote of the people. We know the Constitution should be the Supreme Law of the land, but our judicial system, including the Supreme Court, is littered with activists who will rule based upon personal ideology.

Obama would do anything, including deliberately creating a constitutional crisis, in order to remain in power and complete the destruction of the United States.

He has demonstrated on many instances over the last eight years his willingness to trample the Constitution in the furtherance of their agenda. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

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