Clinton Foundation: Largest Charity Fraud In History, Bonnie And Clyde Of World Politics

Being and old hand at non-profit, and knowing that a number of “charities” and “foundations” out there are just the smokescreens that wealthy people use to influence the goings on of the world without their fingerprints being obvious, the recent revelations that the Clinton Foundation was and is being used as a sort of money laundering system in the pay to play scheme running in the Hillary Clinton State Department was, really, par for the course.

The ginormous scheme is being called the equivalent of a Bonnie and Clyde operation.  Frankly, that is an insult to Bonnie and Clyde.  They were honest criminals.  They didn’t seek to deceive the world in order to rule it.  And they didn’t have Secret Service protection, either.

When Donald Trump, Jr., said to the world on Fox News one evening that if his father ran his companies like the Clinton Foundation was run, they would be put out of business by the government, he was not kidding.  The Clinton Foundation had been on the Charity Navigator Watch List for quite a while citing lack of transparency in the form of not producing audited financial statements.  In addition, their overhead costs are wildly out of line, and the organization was taking in far more money than it was dispensing in the form of grants, which is part of their stated purpose as a charity.

Now, Charles Ortel, a man in finance, claims that the problem is even more strident than that.  When it comes down to it, the criminal enterprise that is the Clinton Foundation begins with Bill Clinton not being certified to raise money in the State of New York, where the Clinton Foundation is incorporated.  (This is a big deal among Certified Fundraising Executives.)  There are also some big red flags when it comes to fulfilling the mission of the Foundation as stated, and the reality of the outcomes.

“On the other hand, on charity fraud, it’s a very different thing. In charity fraud, unlike pay-to-play, you don’t have to prove intent. Under New York State law, in particular, the requirement is merely that you prove the public filings in the Clinton Foundation are false and materially misleading, and they certainly are. This is why you are starting to see these editorial boards around the world say wait a minute. You also have to prove that they solicited, not that they raised money, that they solicited. That, the Clintons have admitted. . . . On the charity fraud side of life, that is the mine field for the Clintons. The second the IRS, or any attorney general or a state taxing authority, decides to make an issue of this, the burden of proof shifts . . . the charity has to come forward and prove the affirmative case. The Clinton Foundation has to prove, since October 23, 1997, that all you have been doing exclusively is furthering the authorized tax exempted purposes, which as far as I know is, to be merely a research facility and archive based in Little Rock. Prove that’s all you have done. Show us the legally audited financial statements. Show us those audits.”

In closing, Ortel contends, “This is a tale that needs to be told, but it’s not going to be a tale that people swallow at first blush given the fact how powerful the Clintons are or how vengeful the Clintons are when they are in power. . . . Another way to talk about the Clintons is the Bonnie and Clyde of charity or the Al Capone of charity.”

Mr. Ortel made this comments in a one on one interview with Greg Hunter available below.  Some gems from this interview:

“Monetizing government service.”

“Robin Hood in reverse.”

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