Clarke – Trump To Media Like Muhammad Ali To George Foreman – That All You Got?


Gov Mike Huckabee, Sheriff David Clarke and Sean Hannity begin their discussion with a recognition that the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the left and that they will not suddenly become objective nor will they ever be in Donald Trump’s camp. They will continue to be part of the Clinton campaign.

Huckabee says the first thing any candidate on the side of what is good and right has to do when they get up in the morning and look in the mirror is to say, “the media will never be my friend.” He notes that in spite of the media being against him, the folks who count are paying no attention to the media lies.

Hannity points to the willingness of the occupier of the Oval Office to ignore the violence in Chicago, the 3,000 shot this year alone and almost 4,000 killed since Obama became pretend ‘president,’ as evidence that the media goes wherever Obama’s narrative leads them.

Sheriff Clarke says, “Sure, they’re covering for him, you know, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Look, the liberal mainstream media is dwindling into irrelevancy Sean and you know that. Donald Trump understands that this is a dragon that has to be slayed. The liberal mainstream media, these rags realize that this is their last stand to have any influence over the American public as it relates to presidential politics.”

He observes, “And Donald Trump, it’s a thing of beauty, continues to employ a strategy of Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope. The media is pounding away, throwing everything they’ve got like George Forman was and every once in a while Donald Trump looks up, he smiles and he says, ‘is that all you got?’ And then some point it’s going to be November 8th, the American public is going to fire back and finish them off. Donald Trump is going to win this election and the liberal mainstream know that and I’m telling you right now, they are scared as hell.”

Huckabee points out some differences in the appointments and related policies, beginning with the EPA and the costs of fossil fuels. Who’s going to bring manufacturing and the associated jobs back to the United States, and defend us, particularly from the terrorists that Hillary Clinton would welcome with open arms as well as the economic destruction of open borders.

He says there’s a big difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who has a history of using the United States government as an ATM while she was in office, “taking cash out, doing favors for foreign governments who in turn gave money to the Clinton Foundation, corruption is rampant. But in addition to the dishonesty that she brings to this, it’s the philosophical bent that she comes with that would be devastating to this country and to the deplorable and irredeemable people that she has no respect for.”

Sheriff Clarke goes on to point out the vision of Donald Trump for America and how the out of touch, insulated Washington DC types are missing what effects the regular folks of America at ground level. Clarke says, “We know what we want and it’s Donald Trump’s vision for America.”

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