Clarke Sees Reckless Pandering In Clinton’s “Gangs Are A Family” Endorsement


Hillary Clinton made some bizarre remarks in a campaign appearance in Hartford, CT in which she endorsed joining “positive gangs,” as if such a thing exists, and equated joining a gang with having a family. Of course most gang members who weren’t imported by the Democrats from places like El Salvador have real families, but they don’t do all of that fun and profitable stuff like the knockout game, mugging, car-jacking, drug selling and killing people, the fun stuff. No ordinary family outside of the Clintons can hope to compete with that.

She said, “We’re either going to have gangs that murder and rob and do the things that are so destructive to the gang members and to the community or we’re going to have positive gangs, we’re going to have positive alternatives for young people.”

Sheriff Clarke says he’s still trying to get his head around this, having determined that Mrs. Bill Clinton is totally disconnected from life in the black community. She has such a misperception about our intelligence level, she thinks we’re some lower form of intelligence that because we don’t have a family experience we should join a gang, I mean that is preposterous. Why didn’t she say, ‘hey, make better lifestyle choices? If you want to join something why don’t you join a church? Why don’t you join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? How about the Boys Clubs and the Girls Clubs?’”

He continues, “That is dysfunctional culture, gang activity, and for her to sit up there and embrace this as if it’s something that’s socially acceptable in the black community? This stuff ought to be rejected out of hand, it ought to be shunned and shamed by the black community.”

He goes on to point to the true culprit in the destruction of the black family, the Democrat socialists. Tucker Carlson raises a question about Clinton’s socialist comments of her own, in which she said “We have an obligation to provide other opportunities for kids in areas with lots of gangs.”

He asks “What about the parents of these kids, what about the people who live near them, what about the communities that they arise from? I’ve got four kids, I’ve got kind of a lot to take care of, why is it my responsibility to make sure that other people’s kids don’t join gangs?”

His other guest, Democrat defender and mouthpiece Eric Guster cites the typical Marxist Democrat position, saying “It’s the responsibility of all of us to take care of everyone,” drawing a “no it’s not from Sheriff Clarke as the discussion continues with Guster labeling the idiotic Democrat claims as “something powerful.”

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