Christians Attacked On Easter By Terrorists- The Death Toll Is Still Climbing

Women after attack on Christians by bomber

Christians Attacked On Easter By Terrorists

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a terrorist group that has sworn allegiance to ISIS, attacked Christians in Pakistan during an Easter celebration.

A suicide bomber entered a park in Lahore on Sunday.

Upon reaching a densely crowded area, he self detonated.

Counter terrorism official Rana Tafail described the bomb as “a crude device loaded with ball bearings, designed to rip through the bodies of its victims to cause maximum damage.”

Women after attack on Christians by bomber

Women after attack on Christians by bomber

And cause damage it did. The death toll has already passed 70 and is still climbing. An additional 300 people were injured.

There are a good number of children among the victims.

One of those killed was 11 year old Sahil Pervez. He was a fifth grader at a local Catholic school. His mother, already a widow, was “inconsolable” during a prayer service for the victims.

Ahsanullah Ahsan is a spokesperson for the terrorist group that has taken responsibility. He has confirmed that the bomber was specifically targeting Christians at the park.

This same group also bombed two Christian churches last year in this same city.

At the same time as the bombing, Islamic extremists rioted in Pakistan’s capitol. Making their way toward Parliament, they set fire to numerous vehicles, smashed through windows, and damaged bus stations.

Police were not able to quell the rioters despite the use of tear gas.

The protesters are demanding the implementation of Islamic law, known as Sharia. They are also calling for the hanging of a Christian woman being held for blasphemy.

They have taken issue with Prime Minister Sharif for what they call his “Western leanings.”

The Prime Minister announced recognition this month of holidays celebrated by the country’s minorities, including Easter. (Christians make up only about 2% of Pakistan’s population.)

There is also a piece of legislation barring violence against women that has them none too thrilled.

Thankfully, though, our President and Secretary of state keep telling us that ISIS is contained.

In response to this repeated reassurance, I will simply use an appropriate movie quote.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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