Chelsea Clinton – Grateful She Got To Attend To Mother’s “Pneumonia” After Seizure


Chelsea Clinton has been groomed in the Clinton crime family since birth and the results speak for themselves every time she speaks. She’s got Hillary’s voice and both of their polished and insincere, send you reaching for the airsick bag, Little House on the Prairie, calculated, sappy “sweetness.”

 In an interview with TWC News, Chelsea Clinton displayed the skills she’s picked up from having career criminal traitors to their country who deny everything and have convenient lapses in memory. In recounting the events of Sunday when her evil mother froze up while trying to make a break for it before any saw her having a seizure, Chelsea stuck to the Clinton playbook.

She said she “didn’t see the video,” but that her mother did pop in afterwards to hide out. She said, “I was just so grateful that I got a chance to take care of her for a little while.” For a little while? Is that as in before she’s in federal custody or before she bites the big one?

And what kind of daughter doesn’t demand that her mother, who just had a seizure, go straight to the hospital? A daughter who knows her mother is seriously ill and lying to America so that she can get elected. A daughter who knows the reason, the treatment, and the importance to mom’s power and the enrichment of the family foundation of keeping it all secret.

The same sort of comment of owing service to Hillary Clinton was made by husband Bill in Las Vegas when he stood in for her. He said, “She did it for me for a long time, it’s about time I showed up and did it for her.”  Chelsea’s version was “She’s taken care of me my whole life and she’s just indefatigable. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so tired and she was tired because she has pneumonia. There it is, the pitch that they’re all making. It’s just pneumonia, pneumonia makes you tired. Forget the seizure, she’s taking antibiotics.

Chelsea says she’s had pneumonia twice and it’s miserable. Lots of people have had pneumonia, in conjunction with surgery as well. Yeah, it can make you feel bad if it’s severe. It doesn’t cause seizures and didn’t the doctor say she was dehydrated? How did Dr. Chelsea treat that at her home?

She says she talks to her dear sweet mother every day but mom hadn’t mentioned anything about the pneumonia. Chelsea says that is because she didn’t think it was much of an issue but maybe it’s because there is no pneumonia. They apparently haven’t discussed the fits, either.

The cracker jack reporter authoring the fluff piece might have forgotten to ask meaningful questions but he did provide a platform for getting the official Clinton position out there. That was, after all, the whole point.  Clinton talks, you record, she directs the discussion, you get viewers. That was the deal.

The never-ending Clinton lying and cover up continues and will, now, apparently survive her in this Clinton Foundation executive, another who should be under indictment and is instead giving interviews. By the way, Chelsea, check the pronunciation on indefatigable, and put the accent on the third syllable.



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