Captain Higgins – Americans Stand Up – United We’ll Defeat Crooked Politicians


Captain Clay Higgins speaks to the heart of what it is to be an American, and the need for us to band together to fight the forces that would destroy our nation.

He starts by reminding us we’ve all failed at times. He says, “I’ve been failed, I’ve been fallen. I’ve struggled and overcame and failed again. I’ve known hunger, I’ve enjoyed feast. I’m a street cop, an old soldier, a husband, a father, a Christian, I’m Irish and English and German. My story can be the tale of any American, regardless of color or creed.” He says, “Every single one of us, first and foremost is an American.”

He says, “America is a nation built by imperfect men driven by perfect intent. We’ve overcome every imaginable horror through our history, some of it horrors of our own creation. This is the way of a man’s life. My own is no exception nor is yours. And thus also, is the way of a nation’s life. America has never been without fault nor have we ever claimed such a status.”

He continues, “America is, however, the very finest example of free men assembled that the world has ever assembled. Americans have died on every shore to preserve our nation intact. The sun never sets on American dedication to the foundational principle that defines our own Constitution, that all men are created equal.”

He notes that “America is in grave peril, from threats across the sea and also from within. The elected and appointed elitists few who have seized power in Washington have squandered our wealth, mortgaged our children’s future and betrayed our trust. America faces a twenty trillion dollar debt. Even with courageous action now, our so-called leaders in DC have mortgaged our future for an entire generation yet unborn. Our once respected and feared status as the world’s most powerful nation has been diminished. Our own allies across the globe no longer trust us. Our borders are no longer sovereign. Our cities are on fire; our police are murdered in the street.”

He points out that our nation is run by “thieves in suits, career politicians that no longer represent we, the people. They represent strictly their own agenda, greed and ravenous hunger for power.”

Captain Higgins has a solution – we just need to stand up and start acting like Americans again.

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