BREAKING: Trump Just Added Two Secret Weapons To His Campaign, This Will Change EVERYTHING!


Trump Just Added Two Secret Weapons To His Campaign, This Will Change EVERYTHING

Donald Trump has been taking a lynching from the liberal media unlike any presidential candidate in history. It doesn’t matter what Trump says, the media has found a way to twist his words and manipulate his meaning every time. So, being the amazing leader that he is, Trump got smart.

Trump just hired two secret weapons and his eye for talent couldn’t be more spot on. Stephen Bannon, a former banker who runs the influential conservative outlet Breitbart News and is known for his fiercely anti-establishment politics, has been named the Trump campaign’s chief executive.

Stephen Bannon

Stephen Bannon

Bannon was once called “the most DANGEROUS political operative in America” by Bloomberg politics.

“I come from a blue-collar, Irish Catholic, pro-Kennedy, pro-union family of Democrats,” Bannon told Bloomberg. “I wasn’t political until I got into the service and saw how badly Jimmy Carter f—ed things up. I became a huge Reagan admirer. Still am. But what turned me against the whole establishment was coming back from running companies in Asia in 2008 and seeing that Bush had f—ed up as badly as Carter. The whole country was a disaster.”

Bannon is the co-founder and executive chairman of the Government Accountability Institute, so he is about as anti-establishment as it gets. Even better, Bannon is a former naval officer and was also a Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations.  

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway

Trump’s second hire is  Kellyanne Conway, a brilliant woman who has been close to Trump for years. She will assume the role of campaign manager.

Many have seen Conway defending Trump on CNN, but she is much more than a sharp talker. Conway has a law degree from George Washington University where she eventually became a law professor. Conway has worked for the biggest names in politics like Vice President Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich, Mike Pence and let’s not forget Ronald Reagan!

Both Conway and Bannon bring talents to the table unlike anyone else in this business.

This is EXACTLY what the Trump team was missing. Now, it’s on!


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