BREAKING NEWS: Armed Murderer ESCAPED Jail-Schools On Lockdown

escaped murderer

BREAKING NEWS: Armed Murderer ESCAPED Jail-Schools On Lockdown

34 year old Rafael McCloud escaped custody today. Is that a BIG deal?

It is a HUGE deal! McCloud was indicted in January for capital murder, burglary, rape, sexual battery without consent, attempted arson, larceny-motor vehicle and possession of a weapon.

This extremely violent criminal is now armed and on the loose in the Vicksburg, Mississippi area.

Several schools within the Vicksburg-Warren School District where the inmate escaped have been placed on lockdown.

escaped murderer

escaped murderer

According to Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace, McCloud used a makeshift weapon to hold a jail employee hostage long enough to force the employee to switch clothes with him so he could leave without being noticed.

“He forced the guard to disrobe and then put on his clothes,” Pace explained to reporters  “He then held the shank against the guard as they went downstairs and he left through a side door.”

Evidently, McCloud also made off with a radio and a set of keys. Those items were later located on the prison property.

Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong stated that between 25 and 30 officers are actively searching alongside multiple sheriff’s department units.

The search is focused along Martin Luther King Boulevard and area where McCloud previously lived about ½ mile northeast of the jail.

“It’s important that we catch him. He is armed and desperate and extremely dangerous,” Armstrong emphasized. “We are going to keep people on duty until this man is caught.”

Rafael McCloud is also suspected in the death of 69 year old Sharon Wilson. Her body was discovered outside an abandoned hospital by ghost hunters.

Anyone who spots the escaped criminal is encouraged NOT to confront him. He is considered both extremely dangerous and extremely desperate. Instead, anyone with  information should contact the Vicksburg Police at  601-636-2511 or the Warren County Sheriff’s Department at 601-636-1761.

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source: Fox News