Fast & High Class: Bolt Shows Ultimate Respect For US [Video]

Bolt Shows Ultimate Respect For US [Video]

Jamaican track star Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet. After what he just did during an interview, he may also become known as one of the classiest.

Following his triumph in the Men’s 100 meter, he was being interviewed by a Spanish TV reporter. She praises his athleticism. Jokingly, she suggests that a new word should be coined since the existing ones don’t do him justice. Bolt, humbly, says his current nickname, Lightning Bolt, is just fine.

As the reporter continues, Usain interjects. “Can you cut the interview? Is it live?”

A bit confused, she answers “yes” and looks to him for an explanation. Bolt motions toward the event field and says “National Anthem.” Apologizing, the woman turns with him and they stand quietly as it plays.

At the end of the song, he picks right back up with the interview.

The truly remarkable thing is, it wasn’t the Jamaican anthem. The Women’s 400 meter had just taken place. Sanya Richards-Ross of the United States had won gold. It was the American National anthem being played during the medal ceremony that he stopped the interview for.

This goes beyond just good sportsmanship. This is class. In an Olympics where Muslim athletes are refusing to even touch Jewish competitors, Bolt has shown true character. He could have kept the interview going. No one would have thought anything of it. Instead, he demonstrated to a global television audience what respect looks like.

TV air time is expensive. Being popular enough for people to want to interview has a short shelf life. Despite that, this Olympic gold medalist and world record holder demonstrated just how straight his priorities are.

Usain Bolt is not only quick on the field. He is quick to remind us what the Olympics are all about.

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