BOLD, BRAISEN MOVE! Illegal Immigrants Sue Arizona And Set Up Their Own Rules!



BOLD, BRAISEN MOVE! Illegal Immigrants Sue Arizona And Set Up Their Own Rules!

In the Daily News, I read an article titled, “Illegal Immigrant Sues AZ”.  I had to research this because I’m wondering how do the people who cross into our country without papers, and break our “laws of the land,” manage to obtain gifts of money, medical care, housing and now, Drivers License’s.  Why are they allowed to tramp over the American citizen who is providing them the very things that ordinary Americans can’t afford.  It’s NOT RIGHT!

A  group of advocacy organizations said in a new federal lawsuit.

Denying licenses to some immigrants in the country illegally who have been granted deferred action, or protection from deportation, is unconstitutional, according to the claim filed Monday by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Immigration Law Center and the Ortega Law Firm.

Mr.Victor Viramontes, an attorney with the fund said that AZ is the only state that, “denies drivers licenses to immigrants.”  He doesn’t mention that they’re illegal but says they arrived here to work in our country and avoid deportation for “various reasons.”

These “immigrants who are suing, are claiming to be victims of domestic violence and they came to the U.S. for humanitarian reasons and some are survivors of terrorism.

The bold, braisen thing about these illegals is, they are “biting the hand that feeds them”  and they’re addicted to wanting “more.” from American citizens.  I understand humanitarian reasons but most citizens have experienced the fraud, crime, gangs,costs, disease and ignorance these people bring into our country only to take whatever they can from our tax dollars.  Now they have the gull to sue AZ?  Preposterous!

The previous AZ Governor, Jan Brewer, denied them licenses because she wanted to reduce the risk of the licenses being used to improperly access public benefits. Common sense but they break these laws also by stealing and lying and committing fraud.

Their are five Arizona immigrants who have deferred action because they are victims of domestic abuse or are children of victims.  They say. “the state must give them licenses because they have authorization to be in the country.” They are suing!

Viramontes said the state should have started allowing all deferred action recipients to get licenses following the federal court ruling instead of letting some get them but denying them to others.

“They should have stopped discriminating the minute this policy was declared unconstitutional, but they keep doing it,” Viramontes said.

I would think, since Viramontes is a lawyer in our country, he should follow “OUR LAWS!”


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