BLACK RAGE: Baton Rouge Resident Asks “Where Is #BlackLivesMatter” – Viral Video

It is almost sad to watch the truth sink in.  It’s bittersweet to see those who raised their fists with #BlackLivesMatter figure out that lives only matter to BLM when it suits their purposes.  And it is really sad when an every day citizen broadcasts over the internet the stark reality that a flooded American city is pretty much on its own right now.

One Baton Rouge, Louisiana, resident shot a selfie video that just about says it all on this topic.  The man’s name appears to be Jerry Washington.  His heartbreak and the anger resulting from it is obvious for anyone who has eyes to see.

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  • No Black Lives Matter or Black Panthers boats there to help the people of Baton Rouge who are flooded out.
  • No help from the people who are profiting politically and financially from the movement.
  • No Barack or Michelle Obama.  No Al Sharpton.  No Jesse Jackson.  Not even one Democratic politician using the flood as a backdrop for a photo op.
  • No sign that the lives of African Americans in Louisiana matter that much.

Mr. Washington nailed that last statement.

At this point, most emotionally uninvolved people recognize that #BlackLivesMatter is an orchestrated attempt to whip up the people who are “oppressed” and “unprivileged” into a frenzy to produce as much mayhem as possible.  It is a strategy to create fear, loathing, and tear at the fibers to bind society.  Unfortunately for that movement, in the United States, anyway, natural disasters bring people together as we all help each other get through it.  That is what we are seeing in Baton Rouge, and that is what the blacks there were somewhat expecting from the movement that told them they were more than just a number.

But it isn’t that movement helping.  It’s the people who know what it feels like to be flooded out.  It’s the local authorities.  It’s the Red Cross disaster crews.  It’s the National Guard.

As awful as it is to see the disillusionment on the faces of people who have been betrayed and used, at least they are seeing the light, and the reality of what #BlackLivesMatter thinks of them.

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