Bill Whittle – Statistics Expose Black Lives Matter Lie, Democrat Tool Of Death For Votes


Bill Whittle describes Black Lives Matter as a Democrat Party scam which is a combination street army, terrorist organization and voter turnout machine. He says it “Has killed and will continue to kill policemen, white people, Hispanics and Asians. Oh, and Black Lives Matter gets black people killed too.

Whittle says, “Let’s start by disassembling the lie that BLM is based upon, the idea that white people, especially white policemen, are exterminating young American black males. He cites statistics gathered by Heather Mac Donald, true statistics which run directly opposite of the propaganda that BLM, Soros and the regime operatives as well as the media are dispensing to the American public.

Based upon those statistics, Whittle theorizes that “If black lives mattered, really mattered to Black Lives Matter, then they would protest what is far and away the primary killers of young black males in America, which is other young black males; but they don’t, so they don’t.”

As one example, Whittle points out that 23% of New Yorkers are black but they commit 75% of the shootings. Whites make up 33% of the population and commit about 3% of the shootings. So what does that actually mean out there in the real world? It means that blacks commit 75% of the shootings and whites commit 3%, then cops are 25x more likely to be looking for a black shooter than a white one.

Creating Social Unrest To Consolidate Power – That’s How Much Black Lives Matter

He cites another example in which the black shooting rate is 81 times higher than in a neighboring white and Asian community completely dispelling the lie upon which Black Lives Matter is constructed. He provides statistic again which show that the real threat to lives is among police officers.

Whittle says, “Oh, we have a national epidemic alright,” noting that 18 times as many police officers are killed by blacks than unarmed blacks are killed by police. The truth is getting in the way of the corrupt BLM narrative again.

Whittle gets into the political reason behind the existence of Black Lives Matter and involvement of the evil one, George Soros, as well as the fascist globalists at the Ford Foundation. He recognizes the value of BLM as street muscle, a private army being funded by Soros and his comrades to the tune of $130 million dollars. That’s more than is needed to fund a campaign disruption, but they’ve got big plans. Those plans involve convincing black voters that they are personally under attack.

It’s the reason Obama and Holder started this whole charade at Ferguson and poured gasoline on the fire at every opportunity. They can’t win without angry black people feeling threatened and the Democrat fascists have absolutely no problem creating civil unrest in order to secure their power. It’s part of the program.

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