HAPPENING NOW: 2 Officers Shot, Suspect On Loose!

 2 Officers Shot, Suspect On Loose!

Two police officers have been shot! A massive manhunt is now underway for the man responsible.

Helicopters in the air and officers on the ground are searching for the suspect who opened fire on law enforcement just a short while ago.

SWAT officers

SWAT officers

The incident is unfolding in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Three local departments are working together with state police to find the shooter. SWAT team members have been deployed to the scene.

According to News5, the officers were shot “at the intersection of Highway 253 and Boone Road in Hackett around 7:15 a.m.”

Names of the victims have not, yet, been released. The only information available at this time is that one was the Hackett chief of police. The victims were taken from the site of the shooting by ambulance. Their conditions were not announced.

Authorities are already at the home of the the suspect. Philip Pevehouse, sheriff’s department spokesman, stated that no one has been taken into custody at this time, however. The shooter is believed to have used a semi-automatic weapon. Specifics on the weapon are, currently, unknown.

Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office has said that the department is currently “under emergency.” As such, no one is available for comments on the situation.

This story is developing and few details are currently available to the public. Updates will be published as more facts are released. Please check back for further details on the police, weapon, and shooter. These will be added as soon as they are known.

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source: FOX News



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