WHOA! China Changes One Child Policy


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In an amazing change on one of the great demographic disasters of human history, China, another of the various old world countries cobbled together by appropriating provinces and countries that were previously on their own, at least for a little while, is “abandoning” it’s one child policy.  Families may now have two children.

China on Thursday said it would formally end its notorious one-child policy, which was intended to curb a surging population but has since been blamed for looming demographic problems in the world’s No. 2 economy.

In a brief statement on Thursday, China’s official Xinhua News Agency said all Chinese would be allowed to have two children. It didn’t provide a time frame or any other details.

China effectively hobbled the one-child policy two years ago, when it allowed couples to have two children if one parent came from a household without other siblings. It has also long allowed exceptions in some parts of the country.

China’s one child policy was instituted in 1980. In the intervening 35 years, China has seen a number of potentially detrimental social and economic issues crop up:

  • The number of young replacement workers is down considerably, just like in Europe where couples are limited their fertility voluntarily.
  • After one child, women in China have been forced by the government to be sterilized, many times against their wishes and making the women very sick depending on the method used.
  • Ultrasound technology has been used for sex selection in the unborn extensively in China.  Boys are preferred, so many baby girls are aborted leaving the natural balance of men and women very lopsided.  And with no women to produce the next generation, China continuing to be Chinese would have been an issue.
  • Because of that imbalance, young men have few choices for marriage, girlfriends, relief from natural urges.
  • Only children, are, well, only children and do not grow up knowing how to get along with anyone else.  In China, they are known as “little emperors” and “little princesses” if that tells the reader anything.

These were consequences anyone with sense of how human nature works could have foretold.  Now, China, one of the more oppressive regimes on the planet, has had to relent because their people were being human, and following the laws of base humanity.  Imagine that.

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