[Watch] Scarborough Compares Hillary To Classic American Lit Character (Try Not To Barf)

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You know the people of MSNBC are over-educated without understanding what they know when they start comparing political figures like Hillary Clinton to the great characters of American Literature based on outward appearances, and no one calls them on it.

Get a load of this.

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Gatsby-like existence?

  • She throws huge, wild parties and then doesn’t go?  (That would defeat the purpose.)
  • She eschews the spotlight, while her name is bandied about by admirers?  (Okay, that one might be somewhat true, but she still releases some really bad PR photos.)
  • She has shady business dealings?  (Oh, wait … that one is actually accurate.)
  • She’s in love with a beautiful debutante?  (Well, there have been rumors.)

None of that is why Joe Scarborough compares Hillary to Gatsby, though.  According to him, all of her friends are at Davos, site of the World Economic Forum (that does nothing other than pump cash into the local economy) even if she and Bill are grifters by comparison, and have only new money?  Seriously, they weren’t there with the rich and famous amongst themselves trying to figure out how to tell the little people that global climate change is worth their time.  Given her former status as First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary comes in contact with all of these rich people who seem to have no problem partying as if it was 1925?  Who does Scarborough think he’s kidding.

Jay Gatsby is too complicated a character for a Hillary Clinton comparison.  He’s actually slick and suave.  Hillary’s a mess.  She is where she is and what she is because of her husband who is a far more talented politician, not her own achievements, which have still not been identified.

“Hillary Clinton has just as many billionaire friends and has led over the past 25 years the most elite, the most insular, the most Gatsby-like existence than any person in the political world today,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Monday morning.

Whatever.  Washington Free Beacon says that her lifestyle could be called “extravagant”.  She’s more like a groupie to the people at Davos and Goldman Sachs.  She wants to be one and just isn’t.  In that case, Scarborough compared her to the wrong character in the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.


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  1. Bob Barton | 01/26/2015 at 11:32 AM |

    Good old Joe and his leather fetish.

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