WATCH: Jesse Watters And What Passes For High Art And Politics To The Rich These Days

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Look who Jesse Watters found roaming around Art Basel in Miami.

And now for something completely different.

Jesse Watters somehow manages to get us all to laugh at some of the darnest things.  This time, he went to Art Basel in Miami to a show (in the biz this is what a sale is called) to see what the rich people out there are willing to spend cash on…the kind of cash that some of us could live on for a year or more.  Decades, really.  Regular readers know that this writer is a classical musician and has a definite affinity for fine art, but this?  OMG on steroids.  (We’ll get to the politics later.)  Watch:

[iframe id=”” mode=”normal”]

Artists are “grounded in critical thinking.”  About what?  In this crowd rainbows and unicorns need not apply.

Pictures of hot dogs, basketball shooting, gigantic poop…the only thing more ridiculous than the prices on this honest to goodness junk is the tales the “artists” spin about what all that junk represents.  I mean, some of us hang out in the museums where this stuff is going to land when the original buyers no longer want to foot the bill for the insurance.  (It’s called “being on deposit.”)  My beloved Saint Louis Art Museum has some pieces that are just stripes of paint in the new wing.  (The good stuff is in the older building.)  More of the same is just…lazy.

But, of course, for we political junkies hanging out on webpages like this, the more interesting part of Mr. Watters’ montage is the idiocy coming out of the mouths of the people who can afford to blow over a million smackaroos on gigiantic fake poop.

“If the left is so good at critical thinking, why have they made a mess of the economy?”  THEY HAVEN’T.

“What should we do about ISIS?”  MAYBE MEDITATE.

“I think any perceived threat about Syrian refugees is like worrying about sharks in the ocean.”

“How would you fight the war on terrorism, our enemy right now?”  ENEMY IS A NEGATIVE WORD.

You can’t make this up.

Until next time, this has been something completely different for comic relief in the face of a whole lot of truly negative news.

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