[Watch] A Former Navy SEAL Takes Apart Leftist “Egomaniacs” Over ‘American Sniper’ Angry Audience Comments

The leftist and Hollywood nut jobs are starting to foam at the mouth.  The movie that they panned, insulted, belittled, have outright rejected, and all other forms of verbal demolition that can be engaged in, is beating the stuffings out of all other big screen offerings at the box office.

“American Sniper,” directed by Clint Eastwood and based on a book by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, has become a point of contention between leftists, the people in the entertainment industry who have no use for the military, and the audiences who have been described as “angry” by people like Howard Dean.  Unfortunately for wackadoodles, there are far more people on the American fruited plain who want to be entertained by fare that is either honest, or at least does not put those who offer their lives for our freedom in a bad light.

So, what are Howard Dean, Bill Maher, and Michael Moore, specifically to do about this dilemma?  Attack the audience.  Former Navy SEAL Jason Redman responded to their comments on Neil Cavuto:

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Let’s hear the critics of red-blooded Americans respond to that.


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