Second Amendment, Baby: One Nation Importing America’s Gun Culture


It looks like more people out there than just American conservatives have noticed that gun control laws just don’t work.  In fact, one of our neighbors to the south not only noticed but have decided to adopt our ideal that an armed society is a polite one.  From the Orange County Register:

…pro-Second Amendment arguments are familiar to us here in the United States, but the “more guns, less crime” experience of the U.S. is being trumpeted in a somewhat unlikely place: Panama. The Central American nation has been struggling with rising crime, gang activity and forged gun permits. In order to address these problems, and promote personal safety, the government is preparing to lift its ban on firearms imports, in place since 2012, so that citizens may better defend themselves….

“Everything seems to indicate that there is no direct correlation in the aphorism that says more guns mean more crime,” said Mr. Aguilera, who cited the 20-year decline in the homicide rate in the U.S. as gun laws have simultaneously been relaxed.

Other than in the few big cities where gun control laws are REALLY strict to be honest.  In those places the homicide rate is off the charts bad.  In the states where concealed carry is a way of life…homicide drops to near the bottom world-wide.

Panama adopting a gun culture insofar as they will allow their people to keep and bear arms for protection, is but one nation bucking an international movement that starts with the United Nations trying to assert supremacy over the entire world. It is not a charging movement, but it is a start, and should be applauded.

By definition, criminals are willing to break the law.  Gun control will not stop that.  But weapons in the hands of the citizens will keep the people from being sitting ducks for the people who consider crime a way of life.

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