Obama’s Choice To Head Education A Common Core Crazy


On Friday, against the wall to wall coverage of the Oregon mass shooting that jump-started the Obama Regime’s desperate rhetoric for a gun grab, The Prom King, uh, the Occupier of the Oval Office, Barack Obama, announced his choice for replacing Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education.

In yet another honest to God case of be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, the teacher’s unions screamed for Duncan’s demise.  They got their wish.  And now they get New York State’s John King.  Politico has the dirt:

Almost exactly two years ago, John King stood on stage in an auditorium in Poughkeepsie, NY, trying to quiet angry parents while they booed, screamed and hurled personal insults at him….


After the Oct. 10, 2013, assembly devolved into chaos, King canceled (and subsequently rescheduled under pressure) the rest of his planned statewide tour, accusing “special interests” of co-opting the raucous crowd.

Teachers’ unions, parent groups and some state lawmakers called for King’s resignation. The state’s powerful teachers’ union later held a no-confidence vote to make official their feelings about him. A parent-led and union-boosted testing boycott movement began under his leadership, and subsequently exploded.

Throughout the public unrest and political jockeying, King remained staunchly committed to the Common Core and related reforms. With an even temper and soft, academic speaking style, he framed education reform as a civil rights issue, arguing that raising standards and holding teachers and schools accountable for students’ performance are the only ways to heal an educational system that fails so many children — particularly poor black and Latino boys.

Oh, great, another person with a cocktail party voice who tries to guilt people into seeing his way by insisting they not make a scene with their voices that, usually, are arguably affected.  (It’s like fingernails down a blackboard for stage and theater people.)

As much as the state of education in the United States DOES need to be addressed, going the civil rights route and calling Common Core “raised standards” is a non-starter with both the teacher’s unions and parents who expect their children to learn at least as much as they did in school.  At this point, Common Core is such a joke among the population that it really only finds favor among the super-educated who have never critically read the standards themselves.

When it comes to the teacher’s unions, the objection is accountability – which should be required – but there is no need to look a gift horse in the mouth.  They stand against a system that seeks to remove all actual thinking and creativity from the American populace (forgetting, of course, that free libraries exist as does the internet and private schools).  On this one, all the help we can get is a good thing.

The fact that John King is both black and Puerto Rican is beside the point.  The man is a divider and a sycophant at the altar of fundamental change of a country that didn’t really need it.  He’s not liked by anyone in the education fight.  As a result, King will not be appointed as secretary of the department, but will simply serve as the head.  More or less another Barack Obama executive order.


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