Obama To Blame? Or The Lawmakers Who Enable Him To Break Our Laws

image                                                  Just like millions of others I have grown beyond frustrated with what’s going on in this country. I have asked myself many times how can one man get away with what Obama has done. He gets away with breaking our laws instead of enforcing them. Obama is not to blame it’s over 500 lawmakers who are not doing their job. That job is to defend our constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. We were told they would not fund Obamacare, then reminded three months later the deadline to enroll had passed.

If the lawmakers in Washington are exempt from this unconstitutional fiasco, then the American people are as well. How in the world can anyone call it Obamacare when it is clear he doesn’t care about us at all. We were told by numerous candidates that the border was top priority on their list. Well, that’s proven to be nothing more than a lot of hot air. Obama could not get away with his lawlessness if the lawmakers in Washington would do their job. I still believe that most lawmakers love this country, but most seem to be afraid to stand up. Telling everyone it is too dangerous to impeach only encourages Obama to become bolder.

Obama has flipped the finger towards our allies and little by little is destroying our constitution. ISIS has grown tenfold over the last few years while Obama has cut our military in half. There are over one thousand illegals crossing our border each and every day. How many terrorist are taking advantage of our open border. When ISIS attacks this country we will blame Obama of course. But rest assured the American people will be going after over 500 lawmakers first. Seal our border and protect this country Washington. You can play your political games after you secure our home… God bless each and every one of you… Semper Fi, Shep

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