NY Gender Equality Goes Up in Smoke

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

NY Gender Equality Goes Up in Smoke

Apparently the 3rd time was not the charm for 34 year old Wendy Tapia. Neither was the 4th, 5th, or 6th. Tapia is attempting to become a full-fledged member of the Fire Department of New York.

The problem? She can’t seem to meet the standard of running 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes. She was allowed to “conditionally” graduate from the Fire Academy on May 17, 2013 without having passed the run test, according to the New York Post. She was even sworn in.

Five further chances were afforded to her over the following 6 months, without success. She resigned and went back to her job as an EMT. Now, however, she is being given a 7th opportunity.

Wendy Tapia has been promoted to probationary firefighter. On Monday she will begin an 18 week training academy.

Fair? Probably not. The city, though, already agreed to pay a $98 million settlement in a lawsuit that alleged minority applicant discrimination in March 2014. “The department doesn’t want another black eye.” At least that’s the opinion of one FDNY firefighter who also believes “She’ll graduate, no question.”

This sentiment is shared by other members of the Fire Department who are predicting that Tapia will be allowed to pass by the FDNY power-that-be to avoid another discrimination suit.

Jim Long, spokesman for the FDNY maintained that “All who enter the academy must meet the same requirements in order to graduate.” In this case, only time will tell.

Will the FDNY brass melt in the heat of political correctness or will they face the fire to make sure that every one of their firefighters is able to do the job required of them?

Let’s face it. People may cheer for Wendy Tapia to get in the fire department, but they would not want her to be the one pulling them out of a raging fire.

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk


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Source:  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/12/28/woman-who-failed-nyc-fire-department-running-test-six-times-given-seventh-chance.html?intcmp=hplnws


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