Must Watch Zo On Religion, Rainbows And Cultural Conditioning


PJ Media’s AlfonZo Rachel is a pretty prolific commentator.  He really is and he always makes great points.  His videos are a fixture on this writer’s youtube feed.  Every now and then, though, he’s able to put into words and video what a lot of other people are thinking.

Today’s offering on rainbows and the Confederate Flag is interesting not because he points out the Biblical explanations of the rainbow, or sort of condemns the Confederate Battle Flag (he’s right about the image being softened, but wrong that the result was about much other than reconciling the past, especially if you watched The Dukes of Hazzard.  Uncle Jesse has something to say about that in this clip.), but because Zo effectively points out how we have all been culturally conditioned by popular entertainment.



While Zo is correct that homosexuality is not equated with love, in Scripture homosexuality itself is not condemned, just the act.  Humans have free will and with the love of God can control themselves.  (Heterosexuals do it all the time.)  On this one, Zo’s point is a touch inflammatory.

However, when it comes to evil invading a lifestyle, there is nothing more interesting than the point of the rainbow being adopted as the symbol of the gay movement following its meaning in the Bible.  God destroys the world with a flood when Sodom and Gomorrah become infected with the homosexual lifestyle, then God gives the world the rainbow to tell us that He will never do that again.  Talk about nasty turnabout from the GLTBQ crowd.

The more important point though, is that conservatives and Christians sat by and watched the culture be conditioned away from a traditional value system without offering anything to counter the entertainment that was delivering the message.  Zo is absolutely correct – which is the aspect of this whole episode that gets lost.  If we are going to change the culture for the good, the traditionalists need to offer an appetizing alternative.  So far, that has not happened.

As for hypocrisy, we’ll stay out of gay and lesbian bedrooms, if they don’t try to dictate how the rest of us practice our faith.  Since erasing all trace of faith was the whole point….

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