MUST WATCH Tennessee Mama’s Sassy Tirade On Why Leggings Ain’t Pants


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Regular readers of this writer know that one of her big gripes about modern American life is the lack of direction young girls and women get on how to dress.  Honestly, we’ve lost that ability in this culture.  If we actually knew what we were doing, reality television shows like “What Not To Wear” would not have such a large following.  (In the run of the show, some of us got GREAT tips on how to dress non-model type bodies.)

Today’s offering for the discriminating women of America comes to us from Jamie Higdon Randolph of Cleveland, Tennessee.  She explains to us why “Leggings Ain’t Pants” and adds some good, old-fashioned mama-isms to the debate on a staple in the American woman’s wardrobe.

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After Googling where one can acquire “Aztec print thongs,” it is worth considering that there are a lot of us who agree with Miss Jamie.  See, leggings are a lighter version of sweat pants, and as our sassy southern belle says, you can dress them up, you can dress them down.  Personally, this writer wears them to sit and work from home, and as layers under long skirts…and sweater dresses, tunics, long shirts and her St. Louis Blues jersey, all of which cover her tail.

This little video went viral, getting millions of views via Facebook, and, of course has stirred up the women’s fashion controversy of “I’m going to wear what I want to.”  It is to be expected with this sort of free advice.  However, this particular topic is not going away.  There are certain body parts about which an air of mystery is a good thing.  Leggings, when worn as pants or jeans and too tight at that, give away secrets that belong in the bedroom and the doctor’s office.  Many of us do agree on that point.

So, thank you so much to Miss Jamie for her mama-like advice with a BIG “AMEN” from this writer, and to the people who disagree, well, bless your hearts, you do have a right to your opinion.

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