MUST WATCH: Mark Steyn Rips Apart “Saving The Planet” At Ted Cruz Hearing

Mark Steyn

While most of the media was concentrating on San Bernardino, the terrorists, when they were radicalized, when they got engaged, and how many pipe bombs were under the kitchen sink, Ted Cruz presided over a hearing of the Senate Sub-Committee on Space, Science and Competitiveness Tuesday where the modern master of English rhetoric, Mark Steyn, served as a witness in regards to “climate change”…or global warming…or the seas rising (that chicken little detail never seems to get to be settled).  People, here is a master wordsmith at work:

“The most important competitiveness in any healthy society is competitiveness in ideas.  That is how ideas are tested and how good ideas win out over bad.  And only a very weak idea demands that it must be protected from any criticism.”

And isn’t that the crux of the verbal crucifixion of climate “deniers” and naysayers.  Those who object to the world’s economy being destroyed in the name of theories unproven to the point that the terminology meant for public consumption keeps changing depending on the actual weather conditions on the surface of the earth are not allowed to voice those opinions in the face of environmental dogma.  As has been pointed out, the climate science wackadoodles will do what it takes – including invoking racketeering laws meant to deal with the mafia – to shut up alternative theories, opinions, data, and actual science to protect the “orthodoxy.”

It never felt so good to be a heretic.

There is not much that can be added to the one and only Mark Steyn’s statement, other than to listen to the full three hours of testimony (found here), and wonder what the inside of such a brain looks like so as to have such command of language that one can effectively neuter Democratic speech in less than six minutes.


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