Migrants In Italy Dump Garbage In Street Over Lack Of Access To…Oh, You’ve Got To Be Kidding

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Oh, yeah, THAT’s civilized.

Lending credence to the parenting adage that if you give into your kids too easily, they will walk all over you for life, officials in a northern Italian town are discovering that the migrant “refugees” from Africa are a bit demanding.

According to The Local, which cites the Italian-language La Repubblica, a group of two dozen Sub-Saharan African migrants in the town of Ceranova are outraged that a lack of free Wi-Fi at the villa they live in is preventing them from using Skype to communicate with family members back in Africa.

They are also outraged at the lack of maid service, but given the legendary condition of the majority of Italy it’s a wonder that the guests thought maid and free wi-fi were part of the deal.  Of course, that does leave the question of just how bad are things at home if family and friends left behind have access to the internet and Skype unanswered.  Aren’t these people oppressed and economically disadvantaged?  In the west, we’re all expected to pay for our own amenities, not have them provided.  Is something different in Africa?  Do the people not read so that handwritten letters will not suffice?  Hmm.

So, anyway, the people in Italy are having the same argument for and against migrants, all they stand for, and all the problems they bring that everyone else is.

The stunt has become fodder for Italian politics, with members of the regionalist, anti-immigration Northern League party using it to bolster their arguments against generous refugee policies.

“They wan’t someone to clean their homes – can you believe it?” said party leader Matteo Salvani. He joked that Laura Boldrini, a socialist and president of the Chamber of Deputies (Italy’s parliament), should be sent to do the cleaning.

Well, at least the Italians are good with the comebacks.

The question we in the United States need to ask, then, is are we willing to provide absolutely everything these animals, ahh, refugees are requesting just so they won’t toss garbage in the streets?

Side note: This writer spent a month in Tuscany once and had no hot running water in the kitchen of the apartment where she was staying, and cooked on a two burner propane stove.  The place is advanced, I mean there was a bidet with running water in the bathroom, but not as with it as some of the rest of the west.  Their priorities are just not the same as everyone else’s.

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