(#Marine4Truth) Cowards And Traitors Exposed? Real Reason Border Is Still Open…

image I have asked myself the same question that many Americans have. Why in the world would any lawmaker vote yes for the president’s unlawful amnesty. Then it dawned on me a few weeks back when I wired money to England. I sent 100 dollars to my former wife’s daughter, which cost me 15 dollars in fees. There are millions in this country illegally and most are sending money back to their homeland. Money Gram and Western Union are making billions off these people sending money back to Mexico.


That is why the corrupt leaders of Mexico and this country are letting people cross our border. Every illegal in this country means money in a traitors bank. That money stimulates the economy of Mexico so the corrupt politicians down there get richer. It provides billions to Money Gram while their lobbyist stimulates the bank accounts of our corrupt politicians. Not one political leader, including Obama gives a crap about other people, especially anyone crossing our border. They don’t do anything unless there is something in it for them.

Lobbyist spend millions to earn favor in Washington and some will do anything for money. To bribe any official is a criminal offense. Lobbyist and special interest groups get away with it daily. I would be willing to bet that everyone who voted yes for amnesty has dirty money in their bank account. Money linked to Money Gram, Western Union, and corrupt politicians in Mexico. The IRS won’t audit anyone who sides with Obama because the IRS is controlled by this administration. Until someone in Washington does something soon our border will remain open for business. It is time for the good politicians stand up to these traitors before they destroy the whole country. God bless America… Semper Fi, Shep

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