#Marine4Truth Sends A Message To Refugees… Anyone Coming To America Should Read!!!

image I would like to take this moment to talk to everyone in the world. I have often wondered why so many have no respect for America. I have prayed on many occasions asking God to help me understand. Then I began to realize the people of this world have been misinformed. They only know what they see through the media, which is a total misrepresentation of what the American people are. The news will only show the bad side of the human race, so I would like to share with the world who we truly are. There is more good than bad in this world and the same holds true for this country. We are Americans who come in every color, race, and religion. We are loving, kind, and respectful of one another and have zero tolerance for anyone coming here to harm our children. Our women have a right to choose who they marry. Women are not required to produce four witnesses proving rape because we have DNA. Children are not to be used for pleasure they are to be protected.


We struggle just like everyone in the world and are nothing like these crooked politicians. Our politicians care nothing about you or me. To them you are nothing more than a number and a possible vote. We have over 600,000 homeless Americans while politicians say they care about your widows and orphans. Most of the world no longer respects us because we no longer have leaders to respect. We have no problem with anyone coming here legally or in need. We live by the constitution with over 22 million veterans and millions more willing to die protecting it. If you come into our home for the right reason we will protect you and die for your kids. Anyone here for a visit or planning to stay should understand one thing. This is our home and ask everyone to respect it as you would have us respect yours. We ask you not to bring your problems to our home as we have enough problems of our own. The next time you turn on the TV don’t believe what the media are paid to say. If you wish to learn more about our people then watch the interview I gave to Caroline and the people of Australia. May God forever bless you all, Shep #Marine4Truth


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