Judge Jeanine Opening Statement On Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State…Ka-BOOM (Video)

Judge Jeanine hillary

Forget Carly Fiorina being the woman to take on Hillary Clinton, and address her idiocy one on one.  Judge Jeanine Pirro did it in about five minutes in an opening statement that should have Hillary’s head spinning like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”  Oh, my.  (After 6:25 this video takes on a completely different tone.)

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/c3uwS_YWEsI” mode=”normal”]

For the people out there insisting on being bamboozled by Bill’s butch bimbo (she’s more ambitious than she is smart), that litany of failures and conflicts of interest presented by the judge should be waved before them on a pike.  The Clintons used Hillary’s position as a way to pad their own largesse via their foundation which maintains shoddy records and seems to be a slush fund for all of their friends.  What good the “non-profit” really does is entirely debatable.

Note to Democrats and Democratic strategists trying to sell Hillary Clinton to the general public as seen in the second part of the video…remember, people like Jeanine Pirro are used to finding the flaws in arguments and exploiting them to prove their own point.  By not doing YOUR homework, it’s like watching a big cat play with a mouse. The Judge Jeanines of this world do not let go once they have their pray in their claws.

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