America is Next! Unbelievable Images of Waste and Filth left by Syrian “Refugees”

When you think of a “refugee” you think of a person who is desperate and destitute. Someone attempting to escape persecution and death would be grateful and respectful when receiving help, right? That has not been the case during this Syrian “refugee” crisis. Earlier this month, we witnessed hundreds of Muslim refugees refusing to accept bottled water and food because the cases had a red cross on them.

Pictures have now surfaced of the Italian/Austrian border, and we are seeing just how much damage these Muslim refugees are causing.


pic41 (1)


pic31 (1)


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In the last two pictures, you may notice something unusual. Discarded water, crates of peaches and untouched packaged food are all left behind. If these refugees were truly starving and in need, why would so many survival necessities be abandoned?

Also, did you happen to see the new packaged baby diapers, new strollers, toys and car seats left untouched? Like most groups of “refugees” I’ve seen, I’m willing to bet that grown men were the majority.

The truth about what is happening in these countries is not being reported in the media. In an article by, the astounding reality of what Muslim refugees are doing is explained.

Videos are coming in from various regions showing Muslim men fighting, throwing rocks and chairs at each other, breaking windows, throwing feces, bloodying each other’s noses in vicious fights, Shia fighting the Sunnis, the same centuries old senseless religious tribal animosity and hatred.

Refugees have taken over Greek Islands, turning them into a gang-like war zone. Greeks are afraid, hiding in their homes, unable to go to work, or to take their children to school. There is no respect for private property and there is no civilized propriety. They are burning cars and flags, throwing feces at passing cars and at people unfortunate enough to be in the way.

A witness at the Italian Austrian border, a Polish travel blog writer, describes circumstances of horror. “This huge mass of people, but these are absolute savages … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly, ‘We want Germany.’… But is Germany a paradise now?”

Sweden is now experiencing a rape crisis because of the staggering amount of “refugees” they have let into the country. When we allow outsiders to enter our country, we are also inviting their culture.

So I ask you America, is this the kind of culture you want in your county?



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