Iran Fires Rockets Near US Ships

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“Unnecessarily provocative and unsafe.” That’s how a military official described the situation to NBC. Iranian rockets were fired less 1,500 yards from the USS Harry S Truman last week while it sailed through the Strait of Hormuz.

Several unguided rockets were launched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards from an  attack craft during a live-fire “exercise” that brought the vessel perilously close to the US aircraft carrier as well as a destroyer (the USS Buckley) and a French frigate that were in the area.

Though no communication took place between the Iranian and US navies directly, officials did state that the rockets were not targeting the carrier. This does not negate the danger of the situation, however.

The ships were in an international traffic lane. The Iranians decided to conduct the exercise near vessels that were not inside territorial waters, as the Strait of Hormuz is the maritime transit between the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

It is perhaps only a coincidence that a fast and short attack craft belonging to a country whose leaders and citizens chant “Death to America” chose the exact period of time that two US military ships were passing through the waterway to engage in live-fire practice.

Mere chance could have guided the timing that led the Iranians to request over maritime radio that vessels clear so they could begin an exercise that involved live rockets at the precise moment that the USS Harry S Truman’s starboard side passed by.

Equally as likely is the possibility that it was an antagonistic show of force designed to remind the US of the capabilities that Iranian navy has. The same navy that is run by a government that has recently had uranium enrichment capabilities restored.

Could this be, yet another, example of the blatant disrespect and disregard for America that is embodied in the Iranian government or was it just that our flag-burning counterparts simply fell victim to bad timing?


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Source: NBC News


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