Mother Defends Islam As Grandfather Rapes 2 Year Old Granddaughter


The Muslim woman and her two year old daughter, Grace Ahmed, were living with the child’s grandfather.  Awakened by screams from her child, the mother ran into the grandfather’s bedroom to find him raping the little girl.  Normally, a mother would do anything to save her child from the man-beast but not this woman.  She was only interested in saving her father and her own reputation from being “found out about”.  Never mind the horror of her daughter’s grandfather who had tortured and ravished her.    What she does is grab the toddler who is bloodied and traumatized, carries her to the bathroom, runs bath water and places her head under it until she has drowned her innocent little girl. She drowns her own baby for protection from having their reputation be known as a “scandal”.   In her mind, this was the only thing she could do.


Chief Detective Ali Akhmim told Karama Press that the medical examiner found “traces of blood” in the child’s anus, revealing that the little girl suffered immensely before her death.

Police arrested Merfat 23 years old  and Farah, the grandfather age 59, and charged them with murder and rape respectively.

In Sohag, Egypt where they live, the community is mostly Muslims living under Sharia Law.  If a women accuses a man of rape, she must produce four male witnesses to testify on her behalf. If she cannot, she is either lashed or put to death for extra-marital sex.

So, Merfat killed her own child! This isn’t uncommon in a community of Muslim Sharia Law practices.

 Because of this medieval Islamic law required by the prophet Muhammad, woman and children suffer sexual abuse in silence, fearing that their family will disown or murder them.

 Muslim women are often given “virginity tests” prior to being married.  If they fail the test and are labeled “defiled” they will be punished vehemently.

 Mad World News Reports  A Muslim woman stating, “In some cases, a bride’s ears and nose are cut off,” and “they are forced into dirty clothes and taken back to her parent’s home. Their heads are shaved. The bride’s family is told that she is not a virgin. Other times, a bride is simply killed and her body is returned to her parents.”

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Over 90% of honor killings are committed by Muslims and over half of them agree to it when it comes to sex conduct.  1 in 1o Muslims in the UK agree to family honor killings as they find out that a family member( like little Grace Ahmed ) was dishonored.

Leftist like to purport that those who object to Islam hate Muslims.  Do the leftest speak out against how the women and children are maimed and abused by the Islamic fundamentals? NO!  The only ones speaking out in their defense are those opposing Islamic doctrine and law.

Liberals are the “defenders” of the abusers. The women and children are the victims of Islam’s backward ideology and the liberals continue to defend Islam and accuse us on the right as “haters of Muslims.”  The leftist’s political correctness will continue to silence the abused.  Liberals demand we support this inhumane way of life and its ideology which requires adherence to Islam’s brutal legislation.  Liberals don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to humanity.  What about our American citizens that have to put up with leftist lunatics.  No humanity for us, that’s for sure!