Gays Are Destroying America


We live in a time and place where acceptance of every way of life is expected and demanded and if it isn’t celebrated then there is a lawsuit. From there the courts order everyone to conform to the minority, even if it is against their belief system.

That judicial process and mainstream embracing is becoming the death of an iconic American group.

The Boy Scouts. Ever since the New Jersey Supreme court ruled in favor of James Dale in 1998, the boy scouts have seen a steady decline in enrollment. The Boy Scouts expelled Dale for being openly gay. New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the BSA had to rehire him. This was eventually reversed by the Supreme Court because the ruling violated the BSA’s rights as a private organization.

Some believe that the first decision by New Jersey to rehire Dale is what began the decline in members, but others believe it is the overturning and anti-gay policy of the BSA that did it.

“Two percent deciding what the rest of us does,” Phil Robertson warned, “and they are willing to destroy it. Hollywood and the so-called liberal media has jumped on board that this is the new civil rights, well I don’t think so.”

Since that time, BSA enrollment has gone down. But, in 2013 when the BSA changed its policy to allow openly gay people be members, things went ever farther downhill for the BSA. Approval ratings when down by 40%. Also, the BSA still ban openly gay leaders, neither conservative critics or gay-right activists are pleased.

That’s when some of the Boy Scout leaders decided to leave the organization and make an alternative to BSA with Christian morals ad values.

Trail Life USA is an “unapologetically Christian” alternative to Boy Scouts of America. They started last January and membership is flourishing. They have had over 14,000 members join in over 47 states. They have now over 460 troops.

 “… [W]e are adding a couple hundred members a week,” said Mark Hancock chief executive officer of Trail Life USA.

Over 300 more troops are being evaluated for enrollment.

“We would have grown a lot faster if we weren’t so strict with our chartering requirements, but we’re building a strong foundation of troops that are aligned with the Christian principles we uphold,” he said.

In the beginning, most of the memberships were from those who were upset about the BSA lifting the ban, but he says that they are also reaching those who were never involved in the BSA.

“Initially people would say that is what got us launched (the Boy Scouts decision), because a lot of people were not happy with that decision and were looking for an alternative. As it turned out, though, almost 50 percent of our troops have never been involved with Boy Scouts of America,” said Hancock.

Hancock explained that the center is a Christ-centered program.

“Although I can say that back in the beginning pieces of the [Trail Life USA] coalition were in response to that (Boy Scouts decision), now we’re pretty much running on our Christ-centered model. We’re not running really in competition with anybody. … We are unapologetically Christian. We are male focused. Our values are drawn from the Bible,” emphasized Hancock.

Although, there is not solid proof why the BSA is declining, both sides have their own opinion. What’s yours?


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6 Comments on "Gays Are Destroying America"

  1. Mike in Chicgo | 02/04/2015 at 4:29 PM |

    I get so tired of the same old triad of Christians who use the Bible and distort the message. They pick and choose what they want to throw out there to prove that they have the best idea about living. You Christians are on a crusade to hate but when will you do something about your own infidelity, drunkenness, sexual activity outside of marriage. Christians are the poorest role models for morality. Just ask Ted Haggard about that, and the many religious leaders who participate in extra marital affairs. The LGBT community wants to be left alone and to live their lives with the same benefits that every American has. It’s as simple as that and you just don’t get it. We are not indoctrinating your children, we are not trying to recruit your husbands, brothers, fathers or such. The issue here is that you just can’t accept that being gay is not a choice but just who we are. If you think it is a choice, why would any self respecting human being subject himself to this crap if he had a choice. When Christ was asked by his disciples in the New Testament, “Lord, which is the greatest commandment, his answer was, Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength and the second was like unto it Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the laws and the prophets” . Funny, I don’t see a lot of loving your neighbor here. On that point I sign out as a gay Christian.

  2. It’s not “normal” for 2 people of the same sex to want to “mate”, it’s the warped ideals that hollyweird and mass media put out; that not only is it acceptable but normal. Anybody that speaks negatively about homosexuality is immediately labeled and tagged a hater. If you don’t like the “queer” (and yes it’s queer for same sex copulation) agenda then don’t support it. TV shows like modern family, general hospital and others that promote homosexuality as normal brainwash mainstream society and children to think this is 100% acceptable behavior.

  3. Jeff Sherrod | 01/31/2015 at 7:00 AM |

    the queer nation has, is, and will continue to destroy everything godly, moral, and ethical in america. they are no different than islam. just a different style and delivery.

  4. Wendy Pardoe | 01/31/2015 at 2:19 AM |

    I am totally against the whole LGBT scenario, and I am sick of being made to feel guilty about it! I’m not the one who should feel guilty here! I don’t care who you sleep with, stop trying to make me care! If you want to be a deviant asshole, that’s your business,stop trying to make me like and accept it! Shit, I wish you’d all go buy a fucking island somewhere and stay there in your gay-ass haven!

  5. kid_you_not | 01/29/2015 at 10:31 PM |

    Homosexual movement is a Jewish movement. Look how the Jews in Hollyweird support it, too. Try to blame THIS on Muslims. Muslims are more our ally as conservatives than Jews are.

  6. It’s not the Liberal Gay Left activist orgs that are harming things, they’re a small minority. It’s the Mainstream Libs who are using, as part of their agenda, the Gay Left agenda
    Stereotyping is not something one does if they want to be taken seriously.

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