The Future Must Not Belong? To The Butchers Of Benghazi…

image Corruption has always played a role in politics and kept in check by the media and newspapers. That was then and this is now because the media is on the team of corruption. Dirty politicians once feared the media now they laugh and joke at the same party. Not long ago we would have seen certain politicians on the steps of our courthouse with their attorneys before being taken off to jail. Today we watch Hillary stand on a stage announcing her bid for 2016. Even worse, many in the media speak as if she has already won. Well, she has not won and she will never win if we quit believing the lies being told by these cowards on TV. The media once made money by bringing you the truth. The reporters of the 60’s would have had a field day with all the corruption and scum we have in D.C.! The future must not belong to the butchers of Benghazi.

We have very few left who report the truth and I thank God for the Internet and Fox. Most of what we see today are cowards. They are paid to read their TelePrompTer while kissing their bosses ass. How can they go home to their kids after telling us lie after lie. They want you to believe Hillary has already won this election in 2016. They want us to give up thinking there is no chance. They think if they keep telling the same lies one day we will start to believe them. They want us to throw in the towel and stay home in 2016. Well, I have one thing to say to all of these cowards. Screw each and every one of them! If they want to see me, I will be found at the polls voting for America not the scum we see on TV. I ask each of you to join me and traitors will never stand a chance. God bless America and may He forever bless all that you love… Shep #Marine4Truth                               image

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