Feminists: Now AIR CONDITIONING is SEXIST! And here is why!…

An ABSOLUTELY ridiculous article by The WashingtonComp….er..Washington Post writes:


“I. Am. Fuh-reezing. Feel my hand — I’m still cold,” said Ruth Marshall, 64, who was seated on a park bench, face to the sky. And, yes, her hand felt like a cold steak.

“I have to come out here for 30 minutes at a time just to warm up,” said Marshall, the director of administration at a construction firm where the air conditioning is set to Arctic.


It’s the time of year desperate women rely on cardigans, pashminas and space heaters to make it through the workweek in their frigid offices. And their male colleagues barely notice. [ImageSource]

Oh MER Gosh. White Male oppression STRIKES again and ENSLAVES women’s equality. Bad enough these poor female office workers are ALREADY being paid less than males across the nation! (Despite not one liberal ever being able to show me ONE business plan that specifies a gender-based salary or pay rate).

It gets better:


“But we don’t have control over the temperature on our floor,” she clarified. “It’s set for the whole building.”

By a man, perhaps?

OF COURSE! Selfish! Worthless males subjugating women to the tortures of air conditioning for his own selfish gains!


That’s right, my friends. Air conditioning is another big, sexist plot.

I truly have to know what planet liberals originate from. They must be set really far back in the early stages of “evolution”. Perhaps these femi-nazis are closer to their ape lineage!


Setting the temperature to suit men is wrong in ways that go far beyond summer fashion [ImageSource].

Liberty Girl had an excellent rant on the matter (being that she is a woman) dcgazette.com/liberty-girl-rant-obliterates-feminists-in-2-minutes:


LouderWithCrowder made an excellent point: “…does anyone else find it ironic that feminists are accusing men of secretly stacking the deck against women in order to get them to… put on more clothes? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to assume that men would more likely crank up the heat to get women to strip down?” in his article.


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