European Version Of “Far Right” Gaining Strength

Europe Anti Imigrant

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Leave it up to Business Insider to report that “The Far Right Is Quietly Making Gains in Europe” on the same day Switzerland voted into power a party that is really rather anti-immigrant:

In several elections in the last month, radical parties to the right of Europe’s mainstream conservatives are gaining strength. Opinion polls in other countries paint the same picture.

Few people pay attention to Swiss elections, and most people can’t name the country’s political leaders. Since most major decisions go to referendums, either at the national or local level, there’s not quite as much for legislators to do. But this weekend the populist and right-wing Swiss People’s Party won 29.4% of the vote, the largest proportion ever, after a campaign that focused on migration. According to the BBC it is being referred to as a “rechtsrutsch,” or a slide to the right.

Just to be clear about this, Europe’s “right” is to the left of the American center, so we’re not talking about constitutional conservatives who believe in the rights outlined in the first ten amendments to our founding documents.  No, these are people who could be blue dog Democrats.  Maybe.

However, they are, for all intents and purposes, nationalists who do not like what is being done to their countries and are willing to go the Hungary route and keep the invaders out.  (Hungary built a fence.  We’ll see if the others are so brave.)  These are people who are tapping into the anti-muslim invaders sentiment that is sweeping the continent as everyday Europeans are being displaced, insulted, attacked, raped, and more all for having the generosity of letting migrants into their countries.  (Not all that different from Americans wanting to send central and south American criminals back to their countries of origin, actually…although our government hasn’t started evicting people from their homes to make room for the interlopers.)

As it happens, Business Insider, from a political perspective, is to the left of the New York Times and the BBC, so this trumpeting of the rise of the far right takes on a different meaning from that angle.  The implications are that the high stepping stormtroopers will be headed down the main drags of European capitols if the sentiment is allowed to gain strength.  The reality is that the people want the countries to remain for the citizens who actually make up the culture and the people.  That’s neither right nor left.  That is nationalist.  And that is what the people pushing for complete, unconditional acceptance of the migrants want to erase and never will be able to.


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