They Chant “Death To America!” Obama And Kerry Give Them Weapons For That…

imageWell, as most of you know by now Iran is holding a celebration in the streets. They are celebrating the historic event of A nuclear deal, which brings them closer to the death of America and Israel. Traitors in Washington will tell you this is a good deal and for Iran it is. They chant death to America while our traitors have just made it easier for Iran to kill us all. We were told we could keep our doctors with Obamacare which was a lie. Now we won’t need doctors when we become a pile of radioactive dust. So many educated politicians, but where in the hell is their common sense? The Iran regime is Islam and that regime wants to wipe us off the map. I challenge every politician to go home tonight and take a long hard look at their kids. Iran wants nothing more than to turn each of your kids into a big pile of dust.

Enough is enough and we are sick of Washington not doing their jobs. That job is to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Domestic enemies like Obama, Kerry, and Valerie Jarrett have to go. They are destroying this country and now they put weapons in the hands of those who want to rape and murder our kids. Our forefathers protected us as children, now it’s our turn to protect theirs. Men and women have fought and died protecting this country because they loved it the way it is. They didn’t sacrifice their lives for an enemy to destroy us from within. Terminate the employment of these traitors before Iran terminates us… God bless America and please Father, wake these politicians up… Semper Fi, Shep


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After graduating high school I served nine years in the Marines. My loyalty is to God, country, family in that order. I am not your typical writer. I am just a Marine with an opinion. What I write is my opinion and not persuaded by anyone else. My love for this country runs deep, and I have sworn an oath to protect it. I don't care what color of skin, the church you attend, or your lifestyle choices. You are all loved by God, important to God, and each important to this country... Semper Fi, Shep...You can follow me on twitter @mshep08_mike or #Marine4Truth

10 Comments on "They Chant “Death To America!” Obama And Kerry Give Them Weapons For That…"

  1. James Cavanaugh | 06/15/2015 at 7:36 AM |

    I’d love to give them a nuke….where would Iran like the green glass first?

  2. PirateG | 04/09/2015 at 8:51 AM |

    Jesus this, God that, Let me make it Clear No BODY is Promised any thing in this world. Not Me, Not You, And Most Certainly the Jew!

  3. Ninitothree Rennie | 04/07/2015 at 12:40 PM |

    They didn’t have to do anything for it. It was promised to them by God. You have a problem with that don’t get mad at me, argue with Him.

  4. Ninitothree Rennie | 04/06/2015 at 11:00 PM |

    Sure and I suppose all the other atrocities happening around the world at the hands of radical Muslim groups supported by Iran are all media hype in your eyes. I don’t see Israel doing anything but defending their territory which is what any country would do (exception of USA under current administration). I don’t hear of or see Israel chopping off heads or setting people on fire. But you just on buying the lie until they come for your head.

  5. kid_you_not | 04/06/2015 at 10:00 PM |

    Don’t give me this c0ck and bull about boogeyman Muslims. They were no different than Europeans at the time. Probably far better. Look at some of the TORTURE devices created by mostly Europeans. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

  6. kid_you_not | 04/06/2015 at 9:58 PM |

    “until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924…”

    Yeah, when the Arabs were leveraged by Lawrence on behalf of GB – for which they were promised Palestine. What did the Jews do for it?

  7. kid_you_not | 04/06/2015 at 9:57 PM |

    We should give Iran a nuke and let them balance out Israel who is causing the unrest in the region.

  8. kid_you_not | 04/06/2015 at 9:56 PM |

    You saw that like you also “saw” all sorts of incriminating things from
    tea party members. The media manipulates you – why do you think they
    are shooting you straight when it comes to Iran? Iran is closer to use
    culturally than the psychopaths in Israel who say “Gentiles only exist
    to serve Jews.” You better wise up fast.
    youtube com/watch?v=D61uriEGsIM

  9. Sandra Dudley | 04/05/2015 at 12:41 AM |

    Jesus taught his followers to pray for unbelievers, Mohammad taught his to behead them There is a big difference! Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by Christians and the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing terrorism is something new to Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they always have. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take the violent verses in the Quran, Hadith and Sharia law literally, the radical Muslims do. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of governments.

  10. Ninitothree Rennie | 04/04/2015 at 9:40 PM |

    Shep, I have been apprehensive(to put it lightly) since Iranians celebrating in the streets, shooting off their guns were televised when O’Bama was nominated before he was elected the first time. A picture is worth a thousand words but it won’t do any good if no one is watching. And by no one I mean our politicians.

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