#BlackLivesMatter…Really, ALL Lives Matter

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UPDATE: reports are that parents at Parkway North are actually removing students from the school.  (It’s not like there aren’t plenty of private school options available.)

Out here in flyover country, there’s a controversy brewing in one of the largest and wealthiest public school districts in St. Louis County.  The Parkway School District covers quite a bit of territory across some of the most valuable real estate in the St. Louis area.  At one of its high schools – Parkway North – the teachers have gone on an online crusade with the now familiar here in St. Louis black and white #BlackLivesMatter placards.

Naturally, this was picked up on Facebook, and has become a touchstone in the fallout from the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, which is a few miles east of Parkway North’s territory.  The consensus of the posts thus far is that such politicking does not belong in the classroom.

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What the world does not know, is that of the Parkway high schools, North does have a sizable African-American population.  It does happen that when in minority, sometimes such students consider themselves marginalized.  Whether it is intended or not, it happens, and it is most unfortunate.  And in a city where the people gravitate to self-segregation this invites all sorts of speculation and paranoia.

The thing about the #BlackLivesMatter signs is that they have been popping up like weeds all over the St. Louis area – and not just on the lawns of blacks, but on those of upper middle class white liberals who are known to champion such causes as abortion on demand, the leading cause of death among black babies.  The online community may argue about this, but this writer passes three such signs travelling the seven blocks to Church.  Those houses are not black owned.  They are white liberal owned.

This part of town is not the Parkway School District, nor is it all that close to Ferguson, but it is not that far from the “dividing line” if one will that runs through the middle of town.  Racial tensions can be stoked by these measures.  What these people fail to recognize in their zeal for feeling guilt on the race issue, is that they advocate for the very social programs and institutions that destroyed the black family, and are continuing to destroy the black family.

Yes, #BlackLivesMatter, just the same as American Indian, and Chinese, and Aborigine, and tribal Middle Easterners.  All lives matter.  The placards, far from being about peace and bringing us all together, divide us in ways the very people professing the sentiment don’t understand.  Equality is not about singling out one group over another, but treating all people the same.

All lives matter, and yes, that does include blacks.  That is what belongs in the Parkway classrooms.  That is what people who do not live in this tiny sliver of the world will protest from afar even as the rest of us are doing our best not to pay too much attention lest the liberals think they are in the right.

Writer’s note: By the way, there is a robust private and parochial school segment in St. Louis.  A lot of us are not exposed to this sort of thing because our parents made the sacrifice to send us to one of them.

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4 Comments on "#BlackLivesMatter…Really, ALL Lives Matter"

  1. tbrec63387 | 04/27/2015 at 2:08 PM |

    I wonder how many cases where white men/boys have gone through problems with police, where their stories are being ignored simply because they are not a minority?

  2. Wait, if all lives matter doesn’t that include Black Lives? Ok, good… so Black Lives Matter. Good. You agree. If I say, “Support the Marines” does that mean I don’t support other branches of the armed forces? Morons.

  3. Oh my what is happening to this country and this state? Schools can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance but can champion for 1 skin color?

    You have all backwards… champion for all skin colors!

    We all matter and we all face racism and prejudices but realistically only 1 skin color can have their very own:
    BET channel
    BLACK scholarship funds
    Black ‘race’ card (don’t play dumb we all know it is used)
    Affirmative Action
    Pruitt Igoe

    Maybe sociologists need to step up and enlighten the public that this culture has their own views.. it appears that having children at a very early age is not only approved but expected? These girls have to stop having children they can’t support by black men who won’t support.
    No one and no State or community can help or mentor ..or put more work / effort into change than the group that wants change. This will not work.
    I have yet to hear Black Community Leaders address the ‘smack in your face’ reasons the predominantly black neighborhoods fail. Be honest.. your Black Leader’s Bottom wouldn’t reside in one of the neighborhoods. No sir…

    It appears the majority of black men / women do not respect anyone or any law / rule.. . They take what they want by stealing ..killing. It appears to be a mindset that is instilled in them at a young age.. by who? The black community not the white community.

    I could go on and on but it all comes down to personal accountability ..no matter what color. The black community has to stop reproducing children that they cant parent or afford.. education has to be a priority along with’ if it isn’t yours don’t take it.’.
    Take advantage of the ‘freebies’ and excellent opportunities (most middle class white children will not receive these opportunities)

  4. Oh hell no!. i know where this school is. The area is a mixed area. But it is a good 20 miles from ferguson. These are the kids that are bussed in, ot live in the apartment complex”s. This type of behavior , that is allowed by these idiot liberal teachers..and common core.. only divides communities..not strengthens them. Parkway..shame on you! shame on St. Louis and shame on Missouri. Shame on the stupid American public for electing Obama, and allowing this ti happen.

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