Birds Burned Alive Over New Nevada Solar Plant During Test


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They call them “streamers,” the birds that catch fire in mid flight over the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project close to Tonopah, Nevada.  At least 130 met their fate while the brand new power plant was being tested.

Biologists say 130 birds caught fire mid-air while entering an area of concentrated solar energy created by the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonopah, Nevada.

Experts believe the birds may have been attracted by the glow of the farm’s tower, but the project’s owners, SolarReserve, say they have found a way to reduce the fatalities…. 

In a test, one third of the project’s 10,000 mirrors were moved to focus sunlight at a point 1,200 feet above ground level – at approximately twice the height of its tower. 

It took biologists just an hour and a half to notice the first of the ‘streamers’ – birds that catch fire and leave a trail of smoke in the air -when entering the field of solar energy.

So, for a plant that is supposed to produce 110 megawatts of electricity at its peak – roughly the same as a coal fired plant which runs whether the sun is shining or not – to keep birds from roasting in what is essentially a solar oven, operators refocused a third of the mirrors?

And the green movement people wonder why conservationists have an issue with their ideas.

The bird casualties reported for this plant are a fraction of those observed at the Ivanpah Solar Plant in California.  However, in a charmingly ironic twist, it is alarming to environmentalists that birds are being sacrificed in the name of green energy.

‘The deaths are alarming. It’s hard to say whether that’s the location or the technology,’ said Garry George, renewable-energy director for the California chapter of the Audubon Society. ‘There needs to be some caution.’

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  1. Dale P. Powell | 02/25/2015 at 4:19 PM |

    I heard Colonel Sanders and Popeye’s have joined forces and bought the airspace above the area..

  2. David_829 | 02/25/2015 at 1:32 PM |

    You also need to look into the fact that these are using 4,000,000 gallons of water a day to create steam that then turns the wind turbines inside. The mirrors are creating heat so the water boils. Boiling water rises. As it rises, it turns the wind turbines that generate the electricity. So in addition to killing the wildlife, they are literally burning up the water reserves that come into the water barren desert. totally stupid thing to do. But it is green!!!

  3. ShootsAlongWay | 02/24/2015 at 11:22 PM |

    Liberals won’t let anything get in the way of saving the environment. Even the environment!

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