Barack Obama Shunned One Hell Of A Photo Op; America More Than Embarrassed

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No matter what we in the United States think of the “Je Suis Charlie” rally in Paris yesterday, the 40 World Leaders who showed up, linked arms, and walked together in a non-violent, silent protest demonstrating their solidarity against Islamic terrorism made one hell of an iconic image.  It was the amazing sight seen round the world captured by Associated Press photographer Philippe Wojazer that spoke louder than words.

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Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in a linked arm line with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande?  Could anyone have thought that a week ago?

With the dramatic optics and the worldwide attention, one would think the Narcissist in Chief would have been front and center.  Well, as it turns out to the mortification of a growing list of Americans, citing “security concerns” our Occupier of the Oval Office ditched the event.  (No word on whether or not he was driving a Titleist.)  He didn’t even send Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, who might actually behave himself at such an occasion, or John Kerry, the Secretary of State who sort of actually looks French.  (Not really, but that has been the charge.)  Eric Holder was even in Paris for a different meeting, and didn’t show up.

Now the world knows, not only does the current White House not have a clue about protocol, proper behavior, leadership, or knowing how to be a good friend, but they are willing to abandon the principles of the country they are heading in order to stay in the good graces of Islamists who are hell bent on killing the rest of us.

For the past two days, one American pundit and commentator after another has expressed disgust with the White House over yesterday’s no show.  It is true that the leaders present at the rally yesterday have not always provided bullets and bodies to fight the War on Terror, but now that the war is on their doorstep and intelligence reports are that sleeper cells have been activated all over Europe, they are starting to sing a different tune.  This might well be the beginning of their wake up call.

And what does the United States do to encourage our allies in their epiphany?  Announces a reduction of forces in Europe and ducks the unity rally.  Smooth move, there, Citizen of the World Obama.

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2 Comments on "Barack Obama Shunned One Hell Of A Photo Op; America More Than Embarrassed"

  1. Josh Nielsen | 01/12/2015 at 12:16 PM |

    Wheres Putin? rofl. everyone knows obamas a muslim, that explains why hes not there.

  2. DaveHolden | 01/12/2015 at 11:25 AM |

    Why is that racist nutcase Nuttyahoo there. He should be arrested for stealing nuclear triggers from the US – see “Project Pinto.”

    Israeli settlers recently attacked AMERICAN officials and nothing has been done about it. These people are the ones causing this strife.

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