[Watch] State’s Jen Psaki Twist In The Wind – Can’t Name “Lessons Learned” In Syria-Iraq

Tsk, tsk, Jen.  If you are going to mention enticing phrases like “lessons learned” in a presser, then for Heaven’s sake have a list of them.

As entertaining as this is for all of us who think that the current duo of State Department spokesettes are more or less models with a script, the fact that the Obama Administration press handlers are more or less stonewalling the media should send alarm bells through any free speech loving American.  They really, honestly expect members of the media to take their word for it without any back up information, like what lessons HAVE been learned from the rise of ISIL or ISIS or IS or the Khorasan Group or any other terrorist clutch out there.

And the sick thing is, they can’t even do it with any sort of style.  The incompetence is there for all to see.  Flashing pearly whites and dimples works on dates, not with reporters who smell rats, blood in the water, fear, snowjobs and idiocy all at once.

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  1. Mitchell Tuckness | 10/01/2014 at 11:33 AM |

    And yet, they are still there and we are still losing our rights daily and nothing is done by our representatives in Congress. This Republic is lost, it’s only a matter of time. As Rome fell from the same reason (helped along by lead poisoning), so will this Republic if no leader comes along and restores the principles of our Constitution. Term Limits, less pay and less perks so that true patriots run for office, not people that just want lavish lifestyles and perks on the taxpayers doll.

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