[Watch] Hillary Clinton On Trickle-Down Economics: It Has Failed Rather Spectacularly

Yes.  Hillary Clinton actually said it and it was caught on video at a rally for Martha Coakley, the nut job Democrat who is running for governor in Massachusetts.


Don’t let anybody tell you that businesses and corporations create jobs?  We’re all supposed to work for the government, then?  Government securities is not what is being traded on the stock market.  Right now, federal government bonds – or the securities that keep the government afloat in addition to taxes – are pretty worthless.  Big companies who employ thousands of people are the ones pumping actual money into the economy, albeit rather miserly right now.  Government doesn’t have any despite all the cash confiscation going on under the guise of taxing us into fairness.  In fact, the large tax bills and new rules and regulations including ObamaCare are what is keeping the unemployment numbers high.  Businesses and corporations cannot keep people employed if they are strangled by government fees and rules.

What large tax bills effectively does is takes large amounts of cash out of the hands of consumers who otherwise would be spending that money:

  • on houses which are built by employees
  • on cars which are built by employees
  • on insurance, the legal racket industry that employs millions
  • on clothes which are made by a bunch of employees sitting in a room sewing
  • on vacations that spread money around like manure to hotels, airlines, cruise lines and more that employ millions of people
  • on food which is raised and harvested by employees and without which humans cannot survive
  • on securities, or retirement assets, another industry that employs millions of people to push the right pieces of paper around
  • on [name your consumer product or service here] which employs the person who serves a customer or client
  • on having a tax professional to do one’s tax return since the darn tax code is so complicated the people actually PAYING the taxes can’t figure out how much they owe.

Once these employees receive their pay, they in turn spend it on many of the same things.  This, Mrs. Clinton, is how “trickle-down economics” works.  Far from having failed, it works every day in every way to spread money around – and the more money wealthier people have to spend, more is going to trickle down to manicurists, and hairdressers, and book sellers, and restaurants, etc.  Each person who works for an employer receives a salary that trickles, or rolls through the economy.  As people who own businesses get more patrons and clients, they hire more people to serve those who make them money.

This is economics 101.  Seriously, for a woman who wants to be president…yes, the people did build that.

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2 Comments on "[Watch] Hillary Clinton On Trickle-Down Economics: It Has Failed Rather Spectacularly"

  1. Mark Warren | 10/25/2014 at 2:35 PM |

    I cannot believe I am saying this, but in this instance, I agree with her. The reason trickle down economics does not work is simple: Greed at the top. When a dollar is spent, it goes to the “top of the pyramid” first, The top takes such a large percentage of that dollar, that there is not enough left to pay the inflated rates for supplies as well as employees.
    So they opt to pay for supplies, because, after all, the rich look out for each other. That leaves employees at the same rate of pay, and can’t buy the product they make.
    The top then has to raise prices to satisfy their own greed for more profit.
    This may be rather a simplistic example of what is happening, but I think that there are too many people who simply DONT GET IT.
    I think a tax on business owners/executives , based upon a ratio of top salaries of businesses to the lowest paid third should be put into place. That way, the resulting tax money can be used to help pay for any welfare issues. If a business becomes more profitable, everyone involved gets more profit.

  2. Lisette Muntslag | 10/25/2014 at 11:19 AM |

    OMG, businesses and corporations don’t create jobs but the government does, Hillary made the case for the massive government welfare system that creates jobs for her ilk and perpetuates the expanding underclass…..Yes We Can…..hypocrite, that’s how she got rich!

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