[Watch] Ferguson Protesters Kick And Cuss Out CNN, Local Media Plus More Overnight Antics

Ferguson media

On the St. Louis-Ferguson scanners, we’ve been hearing for days that the protesters have been kicking CNN out of the protest areas.  Now it seems that one of the more thorough of the local television news stations, KMOV the local CBS affiliate, is also a target of the protesters’ rage.  Somebody finally caught it on video from Bassem Masri’s live feed.  (Masri is an anarchist, but this is the best video out there.)


The media is on the side of…THE POLICE?!  All along?  Of course the media has been spinning the stories so that they make a profit, but are these people reading the same stories?  All the “unarmed teen” references and St. Michael stories?  If the whole point is to get their message out, wouldn’t they be giving their elevator speeches to the people with the most reach?  Oh, that’s right, logic doesn’t work with this crowd.

It was hoped that things would die down a bit after the official autopsy report and other assorted forensic evidence was leaked to the media and thus the public, but the protesters and whoever is organizing them (and paying them) are determined and starting yesterday afternoon, things started going down – this time with reinforcements from college student aged people (word is there are a lot of Saint Louis University students joining the peaceful protests).

First, about fifty people tried to occupy County Police Headquarters in the late afternoon.  Then protesters up in Ferguson knocked down barricades set up to keep the protesters out of the street.  After that, they stormed a Walgreens and tried to shut down a Shop ‘n Save.  The police maintained a presence and so long as nothing violent happens they stay out of the way, but last night bottles were thrown, big fireworks were lit per the scanner, and several people got arrested.  It was a long night.

So far, when it comes to what is reported on the scanners, there is a lot of information coming from Twitter.  Sometimes the crowd gets it right, sometimes they don’t, like last night’s report that the makings of Molotov cocktails were in the crowd.  Could have been, but there are no photos.  There were also reports that recruiting for people to challenge the police was going on on Craig’s List, but that can’t be confirmed.

More information can be found on the Ferguson Scanner updates and  Ferguson/Saint Louis Riots Updates Facebook pages.

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37 Comments on "[Watch] Ferguson Protesters Kick And Cuss Out CNN, Local Media Plus More Overnight Antics"

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  28. Patriot | 10/23/2014 at 6:03 PM |

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  32. So true! And has anyone ever checked to see if they even live in Ferguson? I can’t imagine that the people who live there like their town destroyed.

  33. Who gave these people the right to say who can stand where? And what’s going to happen when the verdict comes in? Seems to me that the police officers have a right to bring out the heavy artillery. Do these people even live in Ferguson? Or the National Guard!


  35. tommycustom1 | 10/23/2014 at 2:49 PM |

    if and when the police officer is exhonarated, these protesters will burn the town down,

  36. AMVET_66 | 10/23/2014 at 1:52 PM |

    …. watching these protesters only reinforces the old adage “you cant fix stupid”

  37. Randy Anderson | 10/23/2014 at 1:36 PM |

    Sorry, “protesters”, but you don’t need the media to make you look stupid. You do just fine on your own!

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