Release of 9/11 “Torture Report” Incites Fear Of Worldwide Violence Against U.S.


A potentially explosive report has U.S embassies on high alert this week. The report, due to be released Tuesday by the Senate, details what the CIA did to terror suspects in the days after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The report is said to assert that the C.I.A. misled former President George Bush and his White House about the nature, extent and results of brutal torture techniques. Many fear that releasing the long-awaited report may cost American lives. The report is described as shocking in its very graphic descriptions of secret interrogations. It is said to include new details about prisoners who were sexually demeaned, and CIA interrogators were urged to continue, even after concluding that no more information could be extracted. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers, R-Mich., is extremely concerned about exposing this intel. He said that if this report is released, groups like ISIS will take full advantage.
In an interview with ABC News, he said, They don’t have to be accurate or right. They just have to believe it’s true, and they will take advantage of that. We know that ISIL propaganda operations will — this is the mother-load for them.”
Rogers went on to say “You have foreign leaders saying this report in its current form will incite violence. You have liaison partners in the intelligence community saying this will incite violence. This will in fact incite violence, and it’s likely to cost someone their life.” The Muslim world has erupted many times before when the U.S. and the West have been accused of religious and cultural insults.

Former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden is bracing himself as well over the release of this report. On Sunday, he rejected accusations that the agency lied about its use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. He also thinks that releasing this report could be used as justification by terrorist organizations to attack.
Secretary of State John Kerry called Senator Dianne Feinstein and warned that allies were concerned that violence in the Middle East could erupt, should the report be released. The report has been delayed numerous times and has reportedly cost $40 million to produce over the last five years. Feinstein says this is “one of the most significant oversight efforts in the history of the United States Senate, and by far the most important oversight activity ever conducted by this committee.”
The report was only approved by the committee’s Democrats, Republicans on the committee say they plan to release a report of their own.


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  1. the citizens of the United States of America, are currently at war with the Communist Democratic Party, who snuck into our country and seduced that political party,in order to rape us of our freedoms and liberties. Some of us are aware of this and are willing to do whatever is needed of us to spread the word and inform as many people as possible, because in our knowledge is our strength ! God bless America !

  2. Sheila Nolan | 12/08/2014 at 2:20 PM |

    Boo-hoo. Don’t help murder innocent civilians and you won’t get interrogated…at least not in the US. In many other countries, all bets are off…you can be tortured just for existing in some places.

  3. DaveHolden | 12/08/2014 at 8:52 AM |

    They could balance it out by revealing how Israelis who were spotted celebrating and filming the towers collapsing were arrested. Were they not tortured?

    How about the Israelis arrested with explosives near the Mexican Congress in October of 2001? Sounds like another false-flag attack interrupted.

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