Part 2… America Prepare For War… Things We Need To Do…

image                                                                                   We have all played Monday-morning quarterback! Wake up Monday talking about what our favorite team should have done on Sunday. Tell our friends what we would have done, to keep our team from losing. The fact is we don’t know unless we are in that situation. Marines don’t train for what they will do. We train for what we need to do in any given situation. The same goes for every branch of service. Training is done with the mind, and applied in the field. If this war comes none of us know what we will do until we are in the situation. If we prepare our minds for what we need to do? At least we will have that option. If you haven’t thought about it chances are you will freeze.

The truth is we don’t know when they will attack? We don’t know what day of the week it will take place? But we can prepare for any scenario within our schedules! Let’s start with going to work. You should carry a back pack or bag filled with things you need. Call it your war bag or any name you want. If you get stranded out on the freeway you might have to walk home? Start with your feet so pack comfortable shoes. I would wear them while driving, and put your high heels on when you get to work. Walking twenty miles in high heels would really hurt? Next pack bottled water you will get thirsty. Pack some snacks like protein bars because walking burns calories. Pack a car charger for your phone in case phone service still works. Then any thing you can use for self-defense pack it. You can put the bag in your trunk, when you get to work. My advice would be to have it right next to you while driving. If you have to get out of your vehicle in a hurry you won’t forget it. This bag should go with you anytime you leave the house.

Take a drive with your friends or family. They should know the route you take everyday while going to work. Discuss rally points like places to meet and places you might go. These points should be somewhere off the main freeways. Discuss primary and secondary route you might take if you have to walk. Your kids should know how to get home and know what to do when they get there? Kids are smart, and the more informed they are the less likely they will panick. Hopefully the phones will work but don’t count on it. If you have prepared them it will allow you to think about what you have to do to survive. The worry about loved ones at home will distract you? You have to stay focused! These people are making plans based on what they think we will do. Well they don’t stand a chance if we do just the opposite. They think we will panick and die with fear. Well ladies and gentlemen we will survive with love for each other. Love conquers all! They will not control us with fear because we refuse to be afraid. Please share this with those you love and those you don’t like. The more informed we are the more prepared we become. This is a three-part series, part three will come tomorrow. God bless each and everyone… Semper Fi, Shep


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After graduating high school I served nine years in the Marines. My loyalty is to God, country, family in that order. I am not your typical writer. I am just a Marine with an opinion. What I write is my opinion and not persuaded by anyone else. My love for this country runs deep, and I have sworn an oath to protect it. I don't care what color of skin, the church you attend, or your lifestyle choices. You are all loved by God, important to God, and each important to this country... Semper Fi, Shep...You can follow me on twitter @mshep08_mike or #Marine4Truth

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  1. Fernando | 08/15/2014 at 4:44 PM |

    Preach on brother. Semper Fi!

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