Parents Panic as 717 Kids Go Missing…JK!


Angel Lomeli has four children who all attend John Adams Elementary School in Corona, California. A few weeks ago she says she was “scared to death” when she received four separate automated messages from the school telling her that her kids were not there.

She wasn’t the only parent to receive that message. Parents of a total of 717 elementary school students received the same message on the same day. Many dropped what they were doing, left work, and showed up at John Adams…only to be told it was all a misunderstanding.

According to Evita Tapia-Gonzalez, spokesperson for John Adams Elementary, the message was only supposed to be sent to a small, closed group of parents. Due to “human error coupled with technology error”, all parents received the message. Tapia-Gonzalez also told reporters and parents that the messages had been sent by accident via the Blackboard Messaging system implemented by the school. The parents were not amused.

2 Comments on "Parents Panic as 717 Kids Go Missing…JK!"

  1. Icantbelievethis | 11/08/2014 at 9:47 PM |

    Human error is excusable…incompetence is not. The fact that they didn’t know and didn’t immediately send out a broadcast text to correct the mistake as soon as it was discovered points to either incompetence or a complete lack of training.

  2. GRComments | 11/07/2014 at 5:41 AM |

    No one thought to start calling parents when some showed up at the school?

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