Home Of The Brave? Where Cowards And Traitors Rule…

imageOn July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was officially approved and this Nation was born. 56 men signed their death warrant to this historic document between August 2nd of 1776 and January 22nd of 1777. Since then over 2 million men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom and way of life. They swore to protect the constitution and held true to their word. It makes me sick to hear any coward in Washington say it is too dangerous to impeach the president.

The founding fathers of this country risked their lives by standing up to a king. Cowardly behavior of certain politicians is creating an American King. Our men and women are overseas giving their lives for this country while performing their jobs. Well, it’s about time our political leaders start doing theirs. This not about race, it’s about our nation. Every race and religion have served and represented at Arlington National cemetery. They assumed the oath that many politicians have forgotten. Let’s remind them of that oath which states “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office I am about to enter; so help me God.” Some politicians are in breach of their contract with this country and it’s past time they be fired.

I don’t care if your black or white the laws of this country apply to us entirely. Don’t impeach the president because he is black. Impeach this man because he is destroying the constitution, he has sworn to protect. Put this man in prison not for the color of skin but for the treason that brings danger to us all. If George Washington had committed this treason, he would not have been sent to prison. They would have found a rope and hung him from a tree. If you are afraid of this man and what you call danger? Pack your bags because we call for leaders not cowards. If harm comes to the children of this country every politician will know the true meaning of danger. Three hundred million pissed off Americans are more dangerous than anything this world has ever seen. God bless you all, and may He always bless this Nation… Semper Fi America, yours forever, Shep


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After graduating high school I served nine years in the Marines. My loyalty is to God, country, family in that order. I am not your typical writer. I am just a Marine with an opinion. What I write is my opinion and not persuaded by anyone else. My love for this country runs deep, and I have sworn an oath to protect it. I don't care what color of skin, the church you attend, or your lifestyle choices. You are all loved by God, important to God, and each important to this country... Semper Fi, Shep...You can follow me on twitter @mshep08_mike or #Marine4Truth

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  1. Problem with your ideas of how things work, is even though the president may seem evil, ev though you think he has power, and though you may believe he is the reason behind it all, you are dead wrong…the president is a puppet, a spineless thoughtless actor who decides nothing that goes on. Honestly, the more and more I see people posting moronic stuff like this over and over when the evidence is so clear is enough to make me want to shoot myself living with idiots who clearly cant read between all the clearly vile lines. The ones in control have never been the presidents, its always been congress, and that’s what it will always be, an anytime you see a president walk up to do a speech, he has a script there, one that the members of congress wrote for him to say. If they wrote that he should say he’s fighting congress then that’s what gets paid to say so that the confusion of the mass can continue. The American public has completely reduced itself to the level of stupidity that most thought impossible, to everything that’s posted online or everything that news crews report, its madness, utter and complete ridiculousness. When are people going to open their eyes and realized that they are being played for fools. Why is it that every time we get a new president the same stuff always occurs, half the country praises him and the other half hates him so much they want him gone, its the same cycle over and over and over, like a damn broken record, its annoying. I mean seriously, how is this not obvious to anyone, that the reason its the same every time is because the president actually has not a shred of power and can do nothing to make the country better or worse, that power rests solely in the hands of congress, and their greedy paws are digging into our pockets and our lives to even care about what happens to the country. The president is a pawn that acts as a scapegoat, he only there to take all the blame, so that everyone in congress can keep holding their position because no one ever talks of firing the members of the one group trusted to keep us safe…if you think you can trust congress to do the right thing then you are a special kind of stupid. Every time in the past that someone has attempted to go against congress they have been killed off, Kennedy died for that very reason, he had secrets to tell the world and they could not allow their perfect system to be foiled by a man with a kind heart.

    A while back I came up with the perfect example as to what our country keeps going through, and it should be very easy to understand if you have ever owned a lamp: Say you have a lamp in your home, and the bulb goes out or starts having issues, you change it right? Well, what if you change it and the next bulb has the same problems, you change it again. Well, what if every bulb you use has the same issue? You’re not gonna think that all the bulbs you bought all just happened to be bad, because the odds of that are nearly impossible..and by this point you should realize that the problem isn’t with the bulbs, its your lamp. The lamp is what’s broken, and it should be replaced. The same goes for our government, we keep switching out presidents and yet the same issues keep coming up, we’ve had so many that by now it should be obvious that this problem isn’t coming from where we think it is..the system is broken, and congress is corrupt, and no matter who many presidents we go through, no matter if you impeach them or not, the problems will never go away unless you take care of it at the source. Stop changing the lightbulbs America and start replacing the lamp.

  2. Ronald Starkey | 01/23/2015 at 12:57 PM |

    Congress, if they can, should strip the power of “Pardon” from the President. All his cohorts would think twice if they know he couldn’t keep them protected by using it.


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