Hillary May Face Charges In Egypt? Connections To The Muslim Brotherhood…

imageAs Hillary Clinton faces a pivotal year; weighing a 2016 presidential run whilst continuing her attempts to prevent national exposure of her role in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. She could now be facing criminal charges in Egypt, over her known Muslim Brotherhood connections and her collusion with the wife of ousted Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi to incite violence in the north African nation.

Muhammad Morsi is set to go trial in January, along with a number of other Brotherhood leaders, and the talk of possible criminal charges being brought against Hillary Clinton stem largely from her long-time friendship and co-operation with Naglaa Mahmoud. Egyptian television reporter Nasr Qaffas has reported extensively on Mahmoud’s interview with the Turkish Anatolia Press agency. According to the agency, Mahmoud said “I have between my fingers, a treasure trove of secrets from the White House and Mrs. Clinton fears my wrath.”Mahmoud described how she was befriended by the Clintons in the 1980s, when she and her children lived in the US. “We have a long friendship of many years.” She said, referring to Hillary Clinton. “This friendship increased further when my husband became the legitimate president of [Egypt].” She added “We also have routine business dealings with the Clintons.” Remarking on the 2016 US presidential campaign, Mahmoud said “Hillary depends on us tremendously to help her succeed in the coming presidential elections, just as we helped Barack Obama win twice.” It was not made clear how Obama’s election was allegedly aided by the Muslim Brotherhood.

It remains to be seen how criminal charges brought against Hillary Clinton in an Egyptian court will affect her prospects for a White House run. Numerous Muslim Brotherhood sources are threatening exposure of a significant body of evidence linking the White House – and Obama and Clinton, specifically – to Muslim Brotherhood violence. Presumably, their motive is to pressure the Obama administration into securing not only Morsi’s release, but his return to power in Egypt. If any of these links are solidly corroborated, the trial of Brotherhood leaders could become the focal point of a vast international scandal; ultimately linking the Obama administration directly to terrorist activities.

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4 Comments on "Hillary May Face Charges In Egypt? Connections To The Muslim Brotherhood…"

  1. freedomseaker1 . | 01/13/2015 at 12:08 AM |

    Hillary Clinton should be HANGED so should Obama and Eric Holder!

  2. Ed Richardson | 12/13/2014 at 10:20 PM |

    If she is charged she wilbe ashoo in for the dumbocra nomination,they reward lawlessness in their rank and file.

  3. Aranna Vallotton | 12/13/2014 at 3:04 AM |

    They have already charged her, and Obama, with crimes against humanity. That’s why ole B Hussein, should be a true leader, and turn himself in, I’m sure Egypt would be nice to him…..NOT!

  4. Mike Spanjer | 12/13/2014 at 12:12 AM |

    good for Egypt ,they know an asshole when they see one

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