Ferguson Update: Rumor Mill Working Overtime In St. Louis


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UPDATE: New rumors at Gateway Pundit.

With the rumor mill and social media outlets ginning up a whole lot of unconfirmed information in the St. Louis area, we residents of the Gateway City had a false alarm Friday night.  Between the National Guard staying in hotels downtown and a whole lot of actual military-style helicopters and armored vehicles in places we just don’t see them regularly, it was assumed the Darren Wilson grand jury’s decision on whether or not to indict him on any charges related to the Michael Brown shooting incident was going down by the five o’clock news.

Plain and simply, it didn’t happen.  According to the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office, the grand jury meets on Wednesdays and they are still hearing evidence.  How much longer they will be hearing evidence is anyone’s guess, but the party line is that the decision is expected by mid-November…that’s next Friday.  So, a normally laid back, really calm and peaceful city that drinks too much is now on tenderhooks.  (That hasn’t stopped the neighborhood leaf blowers, though.)

The reason being is that what is being reported and admitted by local officials is that hundreds of international trouble makers and agitators have taken up residence in the area.  If the true violence was caused by the people of the metro region, we wouldn’t worry so much.  After a while any sort of riot is bound turn into a party or at least a discussion on who all the protesters know in common.  More than one local live streamer is actually a Muslim throwing gasoline on the fire and admitting it – one on a local television station and another from the comfort of his basement in one of the more affluent ‘burbs.  There have been unprovoked attacks this week, one victim was a citizen reporter at a public meeting discussing protesting tactics, and the other a lawyer who was walking downtown.  The lawyer was attacked by school kids who attend a magnet school (and they were still in their uniforms), but the reporter was attacked by protesters.  Both are still in local hospitals.  Last weekend, thanks to someone who knew how to cut power to a large area, Ferguson itself had a blackout.  The local power company called it the result of vandalism.

While St. Louis is normally a sort of big city with our fair share of crime and violence, since the August 9 shooting, there’s a lot more of it, and it’s being magnified.  Mostly in the city itself, but all parts of the region are seeing an uptick in crime.  The majority of us still walk around unmolested, however many of us are having flashbacks to the 1980’s and the record crime that took place in the latter part of the decade.

Add to that social media images and hype and documenting all of the “just in case” preparations, “leaks” from a group calling itself Anonymous that may or may not be the real Anonymous, and the rumors were bound to fly.  At this point, the only thing that is really true is that the protest groups made some audacious demands of the police and it seems that the authorities are ignoring them and stockpiling the tear gas instead.  The requests for donations of food and other essentials for the officers during the operation have gone out and are currently being disseminated.  All of this is feeding the rumor mill.

At this point, there is a lot of preparation happening in the St. Louis area.  Some is visible, most is not.  We are not used to preparing for rioting.  Until this year, there was no such thing as rioting here.  It just is not our way.  For whatever reason, this town is being used as the launch site for some kind of racial violence movement with several other cities preparing for a mess as well.  There are now published items detailing the tactics the agitators used in the last few months with the stated fear that they will do it again.  All one has to do to understand what rumor has it may be headed our way is to read through the Ferguson Saint Louis Riot scanner and read posts and comments.

In the meantime, we wait.  One of the rumors that is floating through cyberspace is that the authorities are waiting for inclement weather to make the announcement in the hopes that Mother Nature can give them a hand.   They better hope that the infamously fickle St. Louis weather doesn’t change between the forecast and the announcement.

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  1. NoBrainer | 11/09/2014 at 5:44 PM |

    Looks like they are down to the mentally fubar. Way to hang n there Police. I would have lost it by now. You guys are amazing.

  2. Don Briscoe | 11/09/2014 at 5:35 PM |

    Bob Dean waiting till midweek because they will be to busy ” working ” to go out and loot? They should be waiting till the welfare checks and food stamps are mailed out then they will be to hung over to loot.

  3. Susie Allread | 11/09/2014 at 3:46 PM |


  4. Bob Dean | 11/09/2014 at 2:23 PM |

    They’ll wait for mid week when everyone’s working and too busy to steal

  5. kid_you_not | 11/09/2014 at 12:32 PM |

    Racism exists against Whites. Some Black manages to string a full sentence together and he is “well spoken.”

  6. I’m from St Louis. I live in California now, since 2013. I love St Louis. I always said St Louis would never have a Rodney king style riot. I was wrong and am shocked at the goings on there. I lived in Los Angeles during those times. It was rough. Racism exists but so does thuggery. My mom and dad were both robbed in St Louis at our convenience store in the West End. My dad died from the trauma. This is a geopolitical agenda going on. The UN wants to bring in Agenda 21. Why are the boys (he ain’t no boy) parents appealling to the UN for justice? They are pawns in a dangerous slippery slope.

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