Ferguson Protesters Take Advantage Of Cop-Involved Shooting In South St. Louis With “Unrest”



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Here we go again.  We in St. Louis are getting really tired of this.  Last evening at about 7:30 in the Shaw Neighborhood of the City of St. Louis, so named for being the area around the Missouri Botanical Garden or “Shaw’s Garden”, an off-duty St. Louis City cop who was working a “second shift” or security for a private firm with permission, shot and killed a suspect who physically threatened him according to reports.  A simple narrative of the incident is posted on the KMOV website, the local CBS television affiliate:

Authorities said the shooting occurred in the 4100 block of Shaw around 7:30 p.m. According to police, an off-duty police officer was patrolling for a private security company in the Shaw neighborhood. As he drove by the intersection of Klemm and Shaw, he noticed three men. Police said the men started to run and the officer chased after them.


Authorities said the officer eventually got out of his car and followed a suspect through a gangway. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the three suspects then came back together before one of them approached the officer in an aggressive way. According to police, the officer commanded the suspect to stop, but police said he refused to stop.


Police said the officer and suspect got into a physical altercation before the suspect ran. Police said the suspect then fired three shots at the officer before the officer returned fire. According to police, the suspect attempted to fire more shots, but the gun malfunctioned and jammed. In total, police said the officer fired 17 shots. Authorities later recovered the suspect’s 9 millimeter gun.


The suspect is deceased and described as an 18-year-old African American male.

As if answering a bell, the Ferguson protesters swarmed the neighborhood.  Overnight there was “unrest,” the politically correct term for riots and mass destruction just because it can be done.  In this case, every news outlet is reporting that many of the protesters who showed up, are the very same ones who protested not just in Ferguson, but at Busch Stadium during Cardinals’ playoff games, and downtown.  In the Shaw Neighborhood last night, a beautifully restored section of the city with Victorian era architecture just south of what used to be no man’s land and is now new housing where a lot of city cops live, the professional thugs broke windows and attacked police cars while the scene was being worked.  In addition, this edition of protests spilled out onto Grand Avenue, which is close to Saint Louis University Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

Police closed much of Grand Avenue near I-44 late Wednesday night because they said protesters were walking into the street. As of 2 a.m. Wednesday, portions of Grand Avenue were still closed.

According to an StLToday.com article, relatives of the suspect claim he was not armed, which is disputed by the account above and the statement from Police Chief Dotson quoted in the article itself.  According to Gateway Pundit, there are already rumors being spread that the suspect was tased and then shot 16 times.  The total number of rounds was actually 17, and this is the only place where tasing is mentioned.  Gateway Pundit also warns that Ferguson is one thing, the city is something else.  (This is true.)

Other details from the StLToday piece:

The officer clearly saw the suspect had a gun, Dotson said.

The officer said he “wanted to be certain that it was a gun and did not fire at that point.  The suspect pointed the gun at the officer and fired at least three rounds at the police officer. We believe this to be true because there are three projectiles that we recovered with trajectories going towards the officer, down the hill, and one piece of ballistic evidence located behind the officer. At that point, the officer returned fire. As the officer moved towards the suspect, the suspect continued to pull the trigger on his gun.”

That is when the teen’s gun jammed, Dotson said.

Dotson did not identify the 18-year-old but said he “was no stranger to law enforcement.”

[The suspect] was scheduled to stand trial in November for unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. According to court documents, the incident happened June 27 in St. Louis. In early July, [he] was released on bail after posting $1,000 cash bond. His bail originally was set at $30,000 but was dropped to $10,000 after a judge agreed it was excessive. She allowed [him] to post 10 percent of that in cash. As a condition of bail, [he] was supposed to be under house arrest and wear an electronic ankle monitor. [The man’s] trial was set for Nov. 17.

A private monitoring firm, Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services, Inc., was supposed to monitor [his] movements and contact the court if he violated the rules. Nothing in the court file indicate any violations.

And the mob is calling this Michael Brown all over again repeating facts that are not facts and rumors via social media whipping up a frenzy.  Under normal circumstances, the Shaw Neighborhood is very quiet and is frequented by many St. Louisans.

As of today, word from the police wives is that they are back to twelve hour shifts as happens when there is “unrest.”  Tensions are growing as the Ferguson protesters show up to any venue where they can disrupt the usual way of things and get attention for doing so.  The region is becoming very divided along supporters of police and not, mostly second amendment supporters vs. liberal whackadoodles.  And no one outside of St. Louis seems to get that Michael Brown/Darren Wilson is not settled yet because the grand jury isn’t done and by Missouri state law, information cannot be released from the police or the court until they are finished.

This shooting comes as plans are in the works to evacuate Ferguson in case of no indictment of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson in north St. Louis County.  National race riot agitators are now warning of massive “unrest” if the grand jury finds that there is not enough evidence to charge Wilson with a crime.  Any crime.   Tonight is the Blues’ home opener.  With all luck, the weather may hold some of the “unrest” at bay as rain and thunderstorms are predicted.

For more information on the local angle of the Ferguson protesters and their antics, see the Ferguson Scanner Update page on Facebook.


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